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  • How To Keep Your Undercarriage From Sagging Causing Reduced Productivity
    Keep your undercarriage from sagging

    We use heavy machines and equipment because they have the power to increase productivity like nothing else. But heavy machines and equipment require regular maintenance, or else they won’t reach their full productivity potential.

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  • Make Sure Your Wheel Loader Is Prepared for Cold Weather Months
    Wheel Loader - Winter

    Wheel loaders do some of their heaviest lifting during the coldest months of the year. For example, loaders are often used to clear roads, parking lots and other surfaces after heavy snowfall. Wheel loaders are perfect for lifting and dumping snow — but only if they have been properly prepared for winter operation.

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  • Are Your Machines Ready for the Winter Season?
    Skid Steer- Winter

    Whether your business is commercial construction or you specialize in seasonal work such as de-icing, road maintenance and snow removal, it’s your responsibility to be ready for anything. In our region, that includes winter weather such as prolonged periods of extreme cold, snow, sleet and icy, windy conditions. To ensure your fleet is ready to operate and maintain productivity throughout the coldest months of the year, it pays to take the following preventive measures in monitoring, maintaining and servicing machines.

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  • 5 Tips for Keeping Your Equipment Running Smoothly in the Cold of Winter
    Winterizing Your Construction Equipment

    In industries ranging from construction, mining and forestry to municipal road repair and property maintenance, the arrival of winter weather represents many challenges to equipment and machinery. Extremely low temperatures, strong winds, freezing rain, ice, slush and snow all combine to potentially stand in the way of productivity. In order to ensure your machines are up to the task of performing throughout the coldest months, consider the following tips and tricks to keeping your equipment running all winter long.

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  • Machine Maintenance in Flood Conditions

    Recent flooding in our state may mean you have to tend to equipment that’s been submerged. Read this post to learn about important machine maintenance.

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  • Express Check

    When it comes to maintaining your trucks and trailers you need to know you’re backed by full service repair solutions you can trust. With convenient locations across Nebraska, experienced technicians, plus field & on-site service capabilities – you’re never far from comprehensive all makes-all models truck, RV, bus and trailer repair solutions that get you back on the road.

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  • Taking an Oil Sample From Cat® Equipment

    Practicing preventive maintenance is an essential way to improve the performance and longevity of your equipment and machinery. Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S.) is an integral part of the program, providing the ability to monitor and manage the health of your fleet. Oil sampling for heavy equipment makes it possible to put your machines on the optimal service interval and identify problems in a variety of critical systems before they grow to be more significant concerns.

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  • Winterizing Your Construction Equipment for Winter

    The arrival of the cold weather season creates a variety of challenges for the construction industry, not the least of which is protecting the health and condition of your fleet of heavy equipment and machinery.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Heavy Equipment

    When your business relies on the productivity of heavy equipment, you can’t understate the importance of taking care of your machines.

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  • Commercial Truck Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance
    Truck on a highway

    When you work in the competitive commercial trucking industry, keeping your equipment running and your drivers comfortable is critical to success.

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  • Taking Care of Your Equipment Undercarriage

    Equipment undercarriage maintenance is vital for heavy-duty equipment, whether you have an entire fleet of mixed machinery or a few pieces for custom services.

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  • 5 Common Preventative Maintenance Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Fleet

    Continual maintenance of your fleet plays a vital role in ensuring optimal operating conditions for your equipment. While many fleet owners recognize the importance of maintenance, some aspects still get overlooked.

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