Cat Connect

Equipment Management

Improve your company by utilizing Equipment Management Services. Equipment Management Services help you increase up-time and decrease operating costs by monitoring the fuel utilization of your equipment, tracking equipment location and provide maintenance alerts on issues like fluid contamination and hours. You can also read the health of your machines by using the technology.

The system helps you realize problems before they occur by providing? Analyzing data, fluid analysis and inspections, plus preventative maintenance, life-cycle planning and fleet optimization. Each solution will reduce costs and allow for fewer machines in the shop. As a result, your business will see an increase in up-time, and you can receive recommendations on fleet maintenance and repair.


No matter the industry you work in or the size of your fleet, it’s essential for all your equipment to work as efficiently as possible. By using Cat Connect, you can monitor your production and efficiency with accuracy and consistency to remain industrious.

Cat Connect Productivity Services can help you eliminate waste site-wide by optimizing jobsite set up and design, as well as aligning resources to gain top productivity from every operator. Enhance your rate of production with quicker cycle times and improve the compaction and grade proficiency of your machines.


One of the most vital aspects to consider on the job site is operator and equipment safety. Cat Connect Safety Services  help you identify operator fatigue that can jeopardize productivity and avoid other costs due to accidents.

When you put in place high safety standards to track equipment speed, avoidance zones, location and other crucial factors, you promote a positive safety culture and can even control machines remotely during harsh conditions.

Get Cat Connect Technology & Services at NMC

You can customize the system to meet your company’s requirements while gaining insightful detail to help you grow. NMC trained professionals will assist you within every area to benefit your company.


My.Cat.Com is a website* owned and administered by Caterpillar, Inc. where, ultimately, you will be able to access critical data on your Caterpillar equipment along with information and helpful tools to make your job easier. You will be able to access this information from any location, using any device with web access through a single login.

The data and resources available within My.Cat.Com will phase in over time.

Many machine purchases come with VisionLink subscriptions as well as subscriptions to ‘Cat Daily’ – which provides a daily snapshot of basic machine telematics. Register for My.Cat.Com for your free access to Cat Daily. While there, simply click a link to be taken to the full telematics available from your VisionLink subscription. After your VisionLink subscription expires, you can easily renew via My.Cat.Com.

If you currently access your SOS data through SOSWeb, you can now view the data through My.Cat.Com. Additionally, you can access Parts.Cat.Com via an easy link within My.Cat.Com. It’s just another way to make your work life easier.

In the future, you will have the ability to:

• Schedule a Preventative Maintenance (PM) appointment
• Check a machine’s parts or service history
• Manage open work orders
• Review results from fluid analysis tests
• Verify warranty or Equipment Protection Plan coverage
• Extend a Customer Support Agreement
• Manage your rental equipment
• Act on Safety Service Letter notifications
• Monitor location, hours and events on units equipped with Cat Product Link™
• Access/review Operation & Maintenance Manuals (OMMs)
• And much, much more

*Please note that My.Cat.Com is not owned or administered by NMC and your use of this website will be governed by the privacy policies and practices of Caterpillar Inc.