Waste Management Solutions

Unpredictable loads. Corrosive materials. Unstable ground conditions. It’s safe to say that waste management is one of the toughest, most challenging industries when it comes to wear and tear on heavy equipment.


Landfill Compactors

Large Wheel Loaders

Wheel Tractor-Scrapers


Caterpillar is the only manufacturer with a complete waste handling range of machinery and solutions. And, NMC Cat helps you get your job done reliably and safely day after day by focusing on the things you need. New and used Cat® dozers, loaders, and compactors push through the toughest environments which help you handle the tons of waste coming in each year. Equipment is designed with a variety of debris environment features to reduce plugging, extend service life and enhance productivity. Our landfill compactors offer dependable and reliable performance and are ergonomically designed to enhance operator comfort. In addition, our waste handling track loaders, material handlers, scrapers, articulated trucks, motor graders, excavators and backhoe loaders are all designed with the Caterpillar quality you’ve come to expect.


Wear in waste handling applications is severe and can drastically cut down a machine’s life. Engineered for Cat equipment and designed with multiple tasks in mind, Cat attachments such General Purpose Buckets, High Dump Buckets, Grapple Buckets, Multi-Purpose Buckets, Waste Handling Buckets, Forks, Orange Peel Grapples, Brooms, and Bucket Thumbs keep you running successfully for the long haul.
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We also have you covered with the financing options, rental solutions, and technology. SITECH grade control systems allow operators to make more efficient passes, report compaction data in the field, and save on fuel and machine wear.

Product Support

NMC understands the environmental challenges of working in the waste management industry. We provide a variety of resources to help you keep your employees safe on the job and your machines running. For instance, fluid and technical analysis helps to monitor the health of your equipment, providing you with meaningful data and recommended action items. And the Repair Option Program guarantees the costs of repairs up front. Condition Monitoring provides valuable, proactive information, helping equipment owners set up effective, comprehensive equipment service and repair plans. Additionally, equipment protection plans offer extended warranty options to protect you against component failure.
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Plus, when it’s time for service – either planned equipment maintenance or if a machine goes down unexpectedly – our certified techs are trained and experienced to get it repaired quickly in our shop or at your site.

Partner with NMC for Waste Management

NMC carries a full line of waste handling equipment and work tool attachments to help lower costs and maximize safety on the jobsite. Our machines are equipped to work in the harsh waste environment while offering dependable and reliable performance. They are also ergonomically designed to enhance operator comfort.  NMC is proud to offer Caterpillar quality you’ve come to expect.

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