Cat® compactors are essential equipment across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. These machines come in various types and models that all provide superior compaction and unmatched performance.

At NMC Cat, we carry the entire line. We are the Cat dealer for Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and all of Nebraska. Our branch locations are your home for new compactors. You can count on our team to help you find the right machine.

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The Right Compactors to Get the Job Done

The complete list of new Cat compactors for sale includes multiple machines that belong to five different categories:

  1. Soil compactors: Cat soil compactors are four-wheel-drive powerhouses ideal for handling heavy-duty dozing and compaction tasks. They have tamping wheel tips and are often used in construction, paving, agriculture and other site preparation applications.
  2. Vibratory soil compactors: These compactors feature a roller mechanism that puts enormous pressure on soil, concrete, asphalt and other loose materials to eliminate spaces and create a denser finished product. An automatic vibratory system ensures uniform consistency.
  3. Tandem vibratory rollers: Tandem vibratory rollers are paving equipment with vibratory drums in the front and rear. Like single-roller systems, tandem machines combine pressure and vibration to uniformly flatten soil, gravel, asphalt, concrete, crushed rock and other like materials.
  4. Pneumatic rollers: Pneumatic rollers use a series of heavy-duty tires to deliver dense compaction. These machines draw material between the tires, using cutting and rutting actions to eliminate spaces and bring oils to the surface. They then apply vertical pressure for compression.
  5. Landfill rollers: Landfill rollers are compact equipment for rugged waste management applications. Models in this category have added protection from landfill hazards, a large blade to move big loads and specialized tires that deliver improved traction on loose materials.

Compactors That Deliver Serious Benefits

Buying a new Cat compactor offers advantages beyond selection. With these machines, you'll benefit from multiple features that help you save time, reduce costs and achieve maximum uptime. Depending on the model, these can include:

  • Advanced technology: These machines have the latest Cat technology, including Cat Compaction Control and Cat Connect.
  • Improved performance: Automatic speed controls work to control maximum equipment speeds for more consistent compaction.
  • Superior comfort: Cat compactors keep you comfortable even during extended workdays so you can focus on the job.
  • Better efficiency: An Eco Mode setting reduces consumption by reducing engine RPMs and turning the engine off to prevent extended idling.

Buy Cat® Compactors From Your Local Dealer

If you're ready to add a new compactor to your inventory, talk to the team at NMC Cat. We have over eight decades of experience matching people with cost-effective solutions from the world's leading name in heavy equipment.

When you partner with us, you'll gain the advantage of expert assistance in selecting the machine best suited for you. You'll also have access to ongoing maintenance and support from trained professionals for your equipment's lifetime.

Use our contact form to connect with our team, get quotes and request more information. You can also reach us at 800-628-6025.

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