CB8 Tandem Vibratory Roller



Technical Specifications
Benefits and Features
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The CB8 Asphalt Compactor offers enhancements that simplify operation, provide versatility, and deliver excellent fuel economy. Rotary dials, and 360 degree seating make this compactor a perfect match for urban streets, highways, and other intermediate-type applications.

Standard Operating Weight with ROPS 20187 lb
Maximum Operating Weight with ROPS 21003 lb
Operating Specifications
Standard Compaction Width 67 in
Static Linear Load 161 lb/in
Maximum Compaction Width 73 in
Travel Speed - Maximum 7 mile/h
Engine Model Cat C3.6
Gross Power 100 HP
Height - With ROPS/FOPS 118 in
Wheel Base 130 in
Drum Diameter 44 in
Overall Length 179 in
Overall Width 78 in
Vibratory System
Drum Width 67 in
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Maximum 17018 lb
Centrifugal Force per Drum - Minimum 11285 lb
Nominal Amplitude - High 0.026 in
Nominal Amplitude - Low 0.012 in
Vibration Selection Independent per drum, front only, rear only, both
Maximum Frequency 3800 VPM
Minimum Frequency 53.3 VPM
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 gal (US)
Water Spray Tank Capacity 195 gal (US)

Simple to Operate, Easy to Learn

  • Large, full-color displays keep the operator informed of machine functions including water and fuel levels, impact spacing, and mat temperature.
  • Innovative hand-wheel steering technology delivers precise control and good forward visibility.
  • Easily activate the vibratory system, water spray system and drum offset with the multi-function propel handle.
  • Machine functions with LED indicators have been independently grouped for simplified control and quick activation.
  • Rotary dials with green light indicators provide a quick visual reference and fingertip feel for quick adjustment to speed control and water spray timers.

Better Fuel Economy

  • Get up to 10% better fuel economy with the Cat  C3.6 engine and standard Eco-mode.
  • The C3.6 engine provides 74.4 kW (100 hp) of power and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions.
  • Unique Eco-mode design modifies engine speed based on load requirements; high amplitude vibration utilizes higher engine speeds, while static rolling conserves fuel and operates at low engine speed with even lower sound levels.

Work Safer with Enhanced Visibility

  • Optional top down, 360  viewing utilizes cameras mounted in each corner of the ROPS for excellent work-zone visibility. This option utilizes a high-definition display mounted to a swivel on the upper left side of the ROPS.
  • Optional fore and aft cameras mounted in the front and rear bumpers provide outstanding visibility when approaching obstacles. The camera view is integrated into the main operating display.
  • Optimize sight lines with 360  seating option; always face the direction of travel.
  • LED Lighting delivers excellent job site illumination while conserving energy.
  • Night-lighting option provides additional illumination to the ROPS, drum edges, and drum surfaces.

Easy Vibratory System Set-up

  • Two-amplitude/two-frequency vibratory system automatically optimizes amplitude and frequency with a single switch for simple thin/thick lift operation.
  • Reach compaction goals with automatic speed control; green indicators help ensure travel speed matches correct impact spacing.
  • Built-in application profiles for thin lift or thick lift applications can be quickly activated through the operating display.
  • Single touch vibratory system profiles for frequency and speed help ensure optimal impact spacing.

Ensure Mat Coverage with Compaction Control

  • Pass-count and Temperature Mapping combines infrared temperature sensors with GPS mapping to keep the operator informed of current asphalt temperatures, machine position, pass-count, and layer coverage.
  • Compaction Meter Value (CMV) utilizes a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure the combined stiffness of the asphalt layer, base layer, and sub-base layer to indicate road structure quality beneath the surface.
  • Machine to Machine communication helps keep rolling patterns in sync by sharing mapped data such as CMV, temperature mapping, and pass count coverage between multiple machines.

Prevent Build-Up, Keep the Drum Surfaces Wet

  • High capacity water tank provides long duration between fills
  • Dual water pumps provide back-up capability and alternate with direction of travel to maximize service life.
  • Triple filtration prevents clogs with filters located at the fill point, water pumps, and spray nozzles.
  • Simple rotary dial provides adjustable spray settings and intermittent modes that help conserve water.
  • Integrated freeze protection kit (optional) provides protection in cold temperatures when machine is not in use.

Product Link™

  • Make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and lower owning and operating costs.
  • Easily track location, machine hours, fuel usage, and idle time.
  • Diagnostic codes are made available through online web applications.
  • Remote flash works around your schedule to ensure your machine’s software is up to date for optimal performance

Standard Equipment:

  • Operating Environment
    • 180° seat positioning w/ sliding station
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Platform ROPS/FOPS
    • Propel lever w/ 4-button control
    • Steering wheel - fixed position, left side
    • Suspension seat - no heat
    • Seatbelt - 76 mm (3 in) high visibility
    • Full-color display with touchscreen operation
    • Vandalism protection
  • Technology
    • Product Link PLE743
    • Remote flash
    • Remote troubleshooting
  • Powertrain
    • C3.6 4-cylinder
  • Electrical System
    • 150 amp alternator
    • 12-volt charging system
    • Automotive-type fuse system
    • Batteries - maintenance free
    • Cat® Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
    • Remote start / charge receptacle
  • Vibratory System
    • Two amplitude/two frequency - both drums
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Maintenance-free hitch
    • 3 year/3000 hour conventional vibratory system service interval
    • 2 year/2000 hour oscillatory vibration system service interval
    • Grouped filters with ground level access
    • Remote access drains
    • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS℠)
    • Sight gauges - engine coolant and hydraulic oil
  • Safety
    • Alarm, back up
    • Horn, warning (front and rear)
    • LED working lights
    • Warning, LED safety beacons
    • Steps, front drum fuel refill

Optional Equipment:

  • Operating Environment
    • 360° seat positioning w/sliding station
    • Steering wheel - elevated position, left side
    • Suspension seat - with heat
    • Seat headrest
  • Technology
    • Infrared asphalt temperature sensors
    • CMV accelerometer - front drum
    • GNSS Mapping - temperature and passcount
    • Machine to machine communications
    • Product Link PLE783
  • Powertrain
    • Hitch - offset
    • Hydraulic oil - biodegradeable
  • Vibratory System
    • Mats - cocoa
    • Mats - water distribution
    • Freeze protection - water spray system
  • Safety
    • Cameras - 360° viewing ROPS mounted
    • Cameras - front and rear bumper mounted
    • LED working lights w/ turn signal
    • LED auxiliary lighting - 1000/2000 lumin
    • Mirror package
    • Steps, rear drum water spray refill

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