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The CC4.0 is a 3-5 metric ton compactor with 800 mm (31.5 in) drums. It’s a versatile machine that can be used as the only vibratory roller on small sized jobs or on larger jobs as a support roller for high-production rollers. Its high amplitude and drum width give it the capacity to achieve a tons-per-day production rate that make it an excellent match for shoulders, small parking lots, lane additions, or other similar sized jobs.

Standard Operating Weight with ROPS 7889 lb
Maximum Weight at Front Drum 3918 lb
Maximum Weight at Rear Drum 3971 lb
Maximum Operating Weight with ROPS 3936 lb
Static Linear Load 76.6 lb/in
Compaction Width 51.2 in
Overall Length 112.3 in
Overall Width 55.1 in
Drum Width 51.2 in
Drum Diameter 31.5 in
Wheel Base 80.7 in
Height - ROPS 104.7 in
Gross Power 48.2 HP
Engine Model C1.7T
Net Power - ISO 9249 47.6 HP
Operating Specifications
Standard Compaction Width 51.2 in
Drum Offset 2 in
Curb Clearance 19.6 in
Ground Clearance 11.2 in
Travel Speed - Maximum 7.5 mile/h
Turning Radius - Inside Drum Edge 115.2 in
Turning Radius - Outside Drum Edge 166.4 in
Static Linear Load 59.8 lb/in
Vibratory System
Frequency 55/45 Hz (3300/2700 vpm)
Frequency 3300 VPM
Nominal Amplitude - High 0.02 in
Centrifugal Force - Maximum 7524 lb/ft
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 21.43 gal (US)
Water Spray Tank Capacity 61 gal (US)
Tire Spray Tank Capacity 9.2 gal (US)

Simple to Operate

• Rocker switches and Cat gauge cluster with water tank gauge to help make operation easy
• Variable water spray system to extend time between water fills
• Optional sliding operator seat and dual propel levers for reducing operator fatigue and better job surface visibility

Proven Productivity

• Large 800 mm (31.5 in) drum diameters for smooth mat finish
• 16 mm (0.6 in) thick drum shells for longer durability
• Dual vibratory frequencies and ballast options to maximize compactive effort
• C1.7T engine with 36 kW (48.2 hp) (gross)

Technology Ready

• Product link for remote monitoring of machine location and status
• Optional Compaction Measurement Value (CMV) displayed to the operator for improved compaction performance and consistency

Superior Safety

• High visability 75 mm (3 in) orange seatbelt to make job site safety visible
• Seat with operator presence sensor to prevent unintended operation while out of the seat
• Slip resistant steps and platform for improved operator safety
• Optional rotating amber beacon

Easy to Service

• Cat controls with ET capability for easy troubleshooting
• Reduced maintenance tasks for quick servicing
• 500 hour oil change interval to reduce maintenance time and costs
• Uptime kits and customer value agreements available to ensure maximum uptime
• LED lighting for durable and reliable performance
• External fuel fill for easy access

Standard Equipment:

  • Operator Environment
    • Adjustable Suspension Seat with Operator Presense Switch
    • ROPS Folding
    • Seat Belt - 75 mm (3 in) high visibility orange
    • Operator Console w/ Water Tank Gauge, Emergency Stop, and Glove Box
    • 12-volt Power Outlet
    • Horn, Backup Alarm
  • Compacton System
    • Folding Scrapers
    • Vibe Selection - front, rear, or both
    • Pressurized, Triple-Filtration Spray System with Test Mode
  • Powertrain
    • Auto Engine Off and Auto Warmup
    • Air Cleaner, Dual Element
    • Engine Belt Guard
    • Fuel Filter, Water Separator, Priming Pump, Water Indicator
  • Technology
    • Telematics
  • Electrical
    • LED Working Lights
  • Other
    • Vandal Protection - lockable hood, fuel fill, and controls cover
    • Machine Life and Tiedowns
    • Offset Hitch

Optional Equipment:

  • Operator Environment
    • ROPS Fixed
    • Sun Canopy
    • Seat - Side Shift
    • Dual Propel Levers
  • Compacton System
    • Cocoa Mats
    • Edge Cutter Ready
    • Water Sprayer Antifreeze Kit
    • Ballast Kit - 200 kg (440 lb)
  • Technology
    • Remote Flash / Troubleshoot
    • CMV - Compaction Measurement Value
  • Electrical
    • Battery Disconnect
    • LED Roading Lights
    • Rotating Amber Beacon
  • Other
    • Biodegradeable Hydraulic Oil
    • Bumpers
    • Single Point Lift
    • Custom Paint

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