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  • What You Need to Know to Keep Your Critical Power Application Online
    Industrial Power Engines

    The reliance on electrical energy continues to grow in prevalence and importance all the time. Virtually any industry that relies on critical power applications faces a harsh reality if it has to go without a consistent source of quality electrical generation for any period of time. In order to avoid issues such as loss of production, violation of regulations, lawsuits, dangerous work environments and potential injuries, it’s crucial to understand exactly what it takes to keep a power application online.

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  • What to Do with Your Used Equipment

    Efficiently managing your most expensive assets is critical to the success of businesses that utilize heavy equipment. Part of this is knowing what to do when you no longer need a machine or are ready for an upgrade. The good news is you have a lot of options in addition to selling your used construction equipment to maximize your cash flow and get the most significant return on your investment.

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  • Top Trucking Safety Concerns and How to Avoid Them
    Truck in montion on highway

    Driving a truck is a serious affair. There are many hazards on the road that can cause accidents in a split second. The best drivers are those who use their knowledge and experience to anticipate dangerous situations and safety concerns before they occur. We all know that careless, inconsiderate and dangerous drivers are all around us, so it’s important to be aware of the types of situations that can get us into trouble.

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  • The Top Ten Preventative Maintenance Tips for Trucks
    On Highway truck maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your fleet of trucks running reliably and reduce the risk of breakdown. Here at NMC Truck Centers, we have helped many customers create their own personalized preventative maintenance plan tailored to their trucks and the type of driving they do.

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  • The Importance of Oil Analysis for Commercial Trucks

    For businesses working in commercial trucking, owning and operating equipment represents a significant percentage of your spending budget. If you’re interested in getting the most significant return on your capital investment, reducing fuel consumption and service expenses and extending the life of your fleet, it’s critical to make oil analysis part of your preventive maintenance plan.

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  • Power and HVAC/Climate Control
    Power systems industrial engine

    Power and HVAC systems are a core component of almost any business. In some cases, a continuous HVAC system is required, such as if a company stores perishables, which is why rentals for power and HVAC systems are becoming a go-to option for emergencies and even planned events.

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  • Nebraska DOT Inspections

    If you work in the commercial trucking industry, you are aware of the importance of staying up to date with your Nebraska DOT Inspections. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for commercial and agricultural vehicles are designed to lower accidents and collisions and reduce property loss, injuries and fatalities. So whether you’re registering a new work vehicle or need an annual inspection, your compliance will keep your people and your assets safe and help avoid fines and penalties.

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  • Large Engine Commercial Truck Preventative Maintenance Checklist
    Truck on a highway

    You count on your large commercial trucks every day to get the job done. Whether it’s moving loads across your yard or the country, when you turn the key, you need your truck to fire up and run flawlessly until you’re at your destination. One of the best ways to increase the reliability of your fleet of commercial diesel engine trucks is to follow a methodical preventative maintenance program.

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  • How To Reduce Trucking Costs

    To run a profitable trucking company, it is crucial to cut truck fleet costs as much as possible, yet still fulfill deliveries with utmost efficiency. The fact is, controlling operational costs of truck fleets involves a range of steps at various levels of staff. For more ideas on how to lower your trucking company costs, consider the following 10 courses of action.

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  • Getting The Best Fuel Mileage From Your Diesel Commercial Truck
    On Highway truck

    Even the smallest fuel mileage improvement can represent big savings over the long run. If you’re looking for ways to increase the fuel efficiency of your commercial diesel engine truck fleet, our team here at NMC can help. We’ve been one of the leading Nebraska sources for commercial truck repair and service since 1938 and have come to understand the needs of our customers.

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  • Emergency Preparedness: What Would You Do Without Critical Power?
    Power Generation equipment

    Nearly every type of industry depends heavily on maintaining a source of power no matter the challenges or circumstances. Whether due to a critical power failure or unexpected outage, every moment you go without power can cost you priceless resources and present serious safety concerns.

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  • The Best Ways to Manage Your Fuel Storage
    Fuel Storage solutions

    Many different operations lean heavily on on-site fuel for equipment and day-to-day performance. On-site fuel helps boost productivity, but it’s also important to manage fuel storage for maximum safety. Here’s a look at several factors to consider when managing your fuel storage:

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