Cat New Content Engine

Welcome to NMC Cat, where we provide innovative solutions for your engines. In this blog, we want to share with you a revolutionary offering from Caterpillar (Cat) Reman – the new Cat Content Engine.

 Are you looking to overhaul your engine and give it new life? Then look no further! The Cat Content Engine offers excellent performance, reliability, and cost savings, and we’re excited to bring you this game-changing solution.

What does “new content” mean?

It’s simple. A Cat Reman long block or engine with new content is a product that goes beyond remanufacturing to deliver even greater value. Every engine is assembled to Caterpillar’s rigorous specifications to ensure quality and reliability. But there’s more. 100% new cylinder blocks, crankshafts, and cylinder heads are now part of the new content engine.

The introduction of new content in Cat Reman long blocks and engines brings numerous benefits.

First, by incorporating new components, these engines deliver increased life expectancy and enhanced overhaul protection. Whether you’re on your second, third, or fourth overhaul, the new content engine gives you the opportunity to restart the life cycle of your engine, saving both time and money.

Are you looking to upgrade or repower your engine without starting from scratch?

The Cat Content Engine opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to transition from an older, higher-emitting engine model to a new, lower-emitting one. You can replace an engine from another brand with a Cat Reman engine of similar displacement and emissions.

By choosing a Cat Reman engine with new content, you benefit from significant time and cost savings. You can avoid having to undergo reusability determination or deal with broken bolts. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle of outsourcing machining or repair work. The new content engine offers you a fully assembled product that ensures quick repairs and can save you thousands in labor costs.

Join Evan Winters of High Pressure Transports LLC and many satisfied customers in experiencing the power of the new Cat Content Engine. The new content engine provides excellent performance and offers an efficient way to revitalize your equipment. Choose Cat Content Engine and breathe new life and quality into your truck’s engine.

Thank you for choosing NMC Cat as your trusted partner for all your engine solutions. Learn more about the new content engine here: