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Maximize Production with the Correct Size Excavator

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Whether you work in construction or agriculture, mini excavators are excellent solutions for completing challenging projects in hard-to-navigate spaces. NMC Cat® offers a range of mini excavators with various dimensions to accommodate job sites of all sizes and shapes.

Learn how to get the right-sized excavator for your project below.

How Big Is a Mini Excavator?

Mini excavators come in a range of sizes and usually weigh between 3 and 5 tons. You can choose from several mini excavator dimensions to get one with the appropriate capacity and size to complete your job.

NMC Cat offers excavators that fall into the following size ranges:

  • Height: Find mini excavators that range between 60 – 100 inches tall for optimal access in low-ceiling work sites.
  • Width: Get excavators that can fit in narrow entrances with a width of 30 – 97.2 inches.
  • Length: Navigate easily with compact excavators between 48 – 126 inches long.

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How to Choose the Right-Sized Mini Excavator for Your Project

The sizing of your mini excavator will affect your ability to fit in tight spaces and navigate around your work site. Consider these key factors before making your final decision:

Size and Shape of the Job

One of the most obvious things to consider is the nature of the job site, as your excavator needs to be able to maneuver within that space. For this reason, the width of the mini excavator is a crucial consideration.

For the highest accuracy, measure the narrowest parts of your job site and choose an excavator that can navigate those areas.

Type of Work Done

Mini excavators are versatile and can perform many tasks, but some models are built to be more suited for some jobs than others.

Think about factors like how deep you need your excavator to dig and how much weight you need to lift. You can find the mini excavator that’s the best size for your project by first considering the capabilities you need it to have.

Tools and Attachments Needed

To go along with determining the type of work you need your excavator to perform, you will also need to decide what kinds of tools and attachments you need on your mini excavator. This requirement will impact the size of the excavator you choose as well as the machine’s ability to navigate your work area.

Take your required attachments into consideration when deciding on the size of your mini excavator to ensure you will still be able to maneuver it efficiently.

Transportation of the Excavator

Depending on what you have available, you may need to factor transportation into your decision on the size of your new mini excavator. Choose an excavator compact and lightweight enough to be easily towed by the equipment you have available.

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Find a Mini Excavator That Meets Your Needs at NMC Cat®

Getting the right-sized mini excavator for your project will ensure peak productivity and effectiveness. The right model will allow you to navigate your work sites with ease while still performing the necessary tasks to get the job done efficiently.

Contact the pros at NMC Cat for all of your mini excavator needs. We serve customers throughout Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and will be happy to help you find the perfect new machine.