Steering and Clutch

Steering and clutch mechanisms go hand in hand when it comes to heavy equipment operation. If you experience grinding, difficulty changing gears or steering system issues, you must seek repair services to ensure that your equipment is working safely and efficiently. It’s also wise to schedule occasional preventive maintenance to ensure your steering and clutch’s functionality for optimal security on the job site.

At NMC Cat, our team of skilled technicians has the training and resources to repair your clutch and steering elements both in-shop or on-site. We strive to provide the highest quality services wherever it’s most convenient for you.


Steering and Clutch Services

We offer both steering and clutch services for all makes and models, so you can get the service you need, no matter the brand. Our shop and field professionals also specialize in performing repairs on a variety of heavy equipment types.

If you need clutch repairs, we offer a variety of clutch installation and repair services, including:

  • Slave cylinder
  • Disc and pressure plate
  • Flywheel restructuring
  • Clutch adjustment work

We also offer an array of major and minor repair services for faulty steering systems, such as:

  • Inner and outer tie rods
  • Drag links
  • Kingpin fitting
  • Steering gear

With expertise across both clutch and steering components, you know your equipment will be in good hands with our talented technicians. We offer both field and shop services, so you can receive repairs wherever they’re most convenient for you.

Field Service

If your steering or clutch breaks down, emergency repair services are in order. That’s why we offer 24-hour field services to accommodate you no matter where you are. Our field professionals will come to your location with one of our fully equipped heavy-duty repair trucks to perform the fastest and most accurate fixes so your construction equipment can return to the job with minimal downtime.

Our steering and clutch repair services are centrally dispatched for availability across Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa, so you can receive the help you need from the convenience of your job site.

Shop Service

You can also book maintenance services in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our steering and clutch shop services include preventive maintenance inspections, installations and repairs, all from a clean and controlled environment free of harmful contaminants. We have the in-shop technicians with the skill, knowledge and specialized equipment needed to restore your clutch and steering components to their full potential. When you schedule shop services with NMC Cat, we’ll help your equipment fleet run better and last longer.

With seven central Nebraska locations, we have several repair shops close to you. Use our shop locator to find an NMC Cat facility in your area.

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For the best in clutch and steering system maintenance and repair services, choose NMC Cat. For over 80 years, our skilled technicians have been delivering top-notch repair, maintenance and installation services for a wide range of heavy equipment and commercial machinery. We always look out for our clients — that’s why we offer competitive rates and financing options for the most affordable fixes.

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