If you need a reliable short-or-long term temperature control solution help is readily available. One call to NMC The Cat Rental Store connects you with our fleet of power generation, temperature control, and compressed air equipment, all designed and built exclusively for rental applications. Equipment can be on its way in minutes and online when you need it. You’ll get fast, no-hassle service and complete 24-hour support at terms attractive to your bottom line.

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Count on NMC The Cat Rental Store for the best selection of temperature control equipment.

power and temperature control equipment


Rental Heaters

When you need a reliable, portable and efficient source of heat, NMC The Cat Rental Store can help. We carry an extensive inventory of heaters of various sizes, including the one million BTU Insero Heater and various ground thaw units, all of which feature low operating hours and are routinely serviced by our team of technicians. Whether you need to quickly thaw out the ground to begin a construction project or to keep your staff warm while working in a temporary location, we can match you with the right product for the job.

Rental Air Conditioners

NMC The Cat Rental Store offers solutions to all of your temperature control needs. Our expanded fleet ensures a prompt, reliable service. We also feature ground thawing equipment for use on construction projects.
Features include:

  • Electric units in 208V or 480V
  • Propane or natural gas
  • All units on wheels
  • 24/7/365 service

AC Industries and Applications

  • General Contractors and Construction
  • Temporary cooling to avoid contamination in new ductwork
  • Remove moisture from new drywall or concrete curing
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Emergency cooling-temporary cooling during maintenance or repairs
  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants
  • Motor cooling-dense air injection/gas turbine cooling
  • Fresh air supply for confined spaces-vessel climate control

Rental Air Cooled Chillers

NMC The Cat Rental Store has Air-Cooled Chiller rentals available for numerous jobs. From process cooling to structure and tent cooling, our chiller rental department offers you another option for any of your temperature control needs. Our Rental Representatives are highly trained to spec the right equipment for your job.temperature control chiller equipment rental

Chiller Industries and Applications

  • General Construction
  • Concrete cooling
  • Comfort cooling for remodeling and reconstruction
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Plants
  • Process cooling
  • Supplemental cooling tower
  • Jacketed reactor cooling
  • Condenser cooling
  • Lubrication oil cooling
  • Waste water treatment
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Emergency cooling
  • Temporary cooling during planned maintenance

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