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The Cat® 992 Large Wheel Loader has set the standard in its size class for more than 50 years, delivering industry-leading productivity, unparalleled reliability and long life. Today’s 992 raises the bar. Compared to the 992K, the new 992 is up to 48% more efficient and 32% more productive, thanks to higher payload for improved pass match, increases in rimpull and breakout force, and an optimized linkage design. Extended component replacement intervals plus increased filter and turbo life help reduce maintenance costs. These improvements — and many more — combine to provide significant savings over the life of the machine for the lowest owning and operating costs in the industry. With both standard and high-lift configurations, the 992 offers the ideal pass match for fleets of Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks.

Net Power 814 HP
Engine Model Cat® C32B
Emissions U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, U.S. EPA Tier 2 Equivalent
Rated Speed 1750 rpm
Gross Power - SAE J1995 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 4/HRC (Highly Regulated Country) - Standard 900 HP
Gross Power - SAE J1995 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 4/HRC - High Ambient 937 HP
Gross Power - SAE J1995 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 2/LRC (Less Regulated Country) - Standard 907 HP
Gross Power - SAE J1995 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 2/LRC - High Ambient 944 HP
Gross Power - ISO 14396 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 4/HRC - Standard 884 HP
Gross Power - ISO 14396 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 4/HRC - High Ambient 921 HP
Gross Power - ISO 14396 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 2/LRC - Standard 893 HP
Gross Power - ISO 14396 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 2/LRC - High Ambient 931 HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 4/HRC - Standard 814 HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 4/HRC - High Ambient 814 HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 2/LRC - Standard 823 HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 at 1,750 rpm - Tier 2/LRC - High Ambient 823 HP
Bore 5.7 in
Stroke 6.4 in
Displacement 1963.5 in³
Peak Torque - SAE J1995 - Tier 4/HRC - Standard @ 1,200 rpm 3514 ft·lbf
Peak Torque - SAE J1995 - Tier 4/HRC - High Ambient @ 1,300 rpm 3555 ft·lbf
Peak Torque - SAE J1995 - Tier 2/LRC - Standard @ 1,200 rpm 3537 ft·lbf
Peak Torque - SAE J1995 - Tier 2/LRC - High Ambient @ 1,350 rpm 3570 ft·lbf
Operating Specifications
Operating Weight 233430 lb
Rated Payload - Standard 25.5 ton (US)
Rated Payload - Standard (Material Handler) 30 ton (US)
Rated Payload - High Lift 22.5 ton (US)
Rated Payload - High Lift (Material Handler) 27 ton (US)
Bucket Capacity Range 11.5-24.5 m³ (15-32 yd³)
Cat Truck Match - Standard 775/777
Cat Truck Match - High Lift 785
Bucket Capacities 11.5-24.5 m³ (15-32 yd³)
Transmission Type Cat Planetary Powershift
Forward - 1 4.3 mile/h
Forward - 2 7.4 mile/h
Forward - 3 12.7 mile/h
Direct Drive - Forward 1 Disabled
Direct Drive - Forward 2 8 mile/h
Direct Drive - Forward 3 14 mile/h
Reverse - 1 4.7 mile/h
Reverse - 2 8.1 mile/h
Reverse - 3 13.9 mile/h
Direct Drive - Reverse 1 5 mile/h
Direct Drive - Reverse 2 8.8 mile/h
Direct Drive - Reverse 3 15.3 mile/h
Hydraulic System - Lift/Tilt
Lift/Tilt System - Circuit Positive Flow Control
Lift/Tilt System - Pump Variable Displacement Piston
Maximum Flow at 2,165 rpm 250 gal/min
Relief Valve Setting - Lift/Tilt 5000 psi
Lift Cylinder - Bore 9.3 in
Lift Cylinder - Stroke 63.5 in
Tilt Cylinder - Bore 11.5 in
Tilt Cylinder - Stroke 41.5 in
Hydraulic Cycle Times
Rack Back 2.3 s
Rack Back - High Lift 2.3 s
Raise 9 s
Raise - High Lift 9 s
Dump 2.6 s
Dump - High Lift 2.6 s
Float Down 3.2 s
Float Down - High Lift 3.2 s
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time 17.1 s
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 385.7 gal (US)
Cooling Systems 59.4 gal (US)
Crankcase 31.7 gal (US)
Transmission 51.5 gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Front 96.4 gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Rear 96.4 gal (US)
Hydraulic System Factory Fill (Implement) 104.1 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank - Implement 60.2 gal (US)
Hydraulic Factory Fill (Steering) 32.5 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank (Steering Tank Only) 26.3 gal (US)
Front Fixed
Rear Trunnion
Oscillation Angle ±9°
Brakes ISO 3450:2011
Hydraulic System - Steering
Steering System - Circuit Pilot, Load Sensing
Steering System - Pump Piston, Variable Displacement
Maximum Flow at 1,400-1,850 rpm 70 gal/min
Steering Cut Off Pressure 4500 psi
Total Steering Angle 80°
Steering Cycle Times - Low Idle 4.9 s
Steering Cycle Times - High Idle 3.1 s
Cooling System
Ambient Capability Hydraulically Driven Demand Fan - Standard 109.4 °F
Ambient Capability, Hydraulically Driven Demand Fan - High 131 °F
Sound Performance - Standard
Note Machine Sound Level (ISO 6396:2008) - 116 dB(A)
Sound Performance - Suppression
Note Machine Sound Level (ISO 6396:2008) - 113 dB(A)
Dimensions - Standard Lift - Approximate
Ground to Top of Exhaust Stacks 17 ft
Ground to Top of ROPS 18.3 ft
Ground to Top of Hood 13.1 ft
Ground to Center of Front Axle 4.3 ft
Ground to Bumper Clearance 3.8 ft
Ground to Lower Hitch Clearance 2.2 ft
Reach - Maximum Lift 8.2 ft
Clearance at Maximum Lift 15.2 ft
B-Pin Height - Maximum Lift 22.8 ft
Maximum Overall Height - Bucket Raised 30.8 ft
Rear Axle - Centerline to Bumper 13.5 ft
Tread Width 10.83 ft
Rack Back Angle - Maximum Lift 56.9 degrees
Dump Angle at Maximum Lift -49.5 degrees
Rack Back Angle - Ground Level 40.2 degrees
Width - Over Tires - With Bulge 14.74 ft
Rack Back Angle - Carry 48.9 degrees
Wheel Base 19.3 ft
Maximum Overall Length 50.8 ft
Front Axle Centerline to Bucket Tip 18 ft
Dimensions - High Lift - Approximate
Tread Width 10.83 ft
Rack Back Angle - Ground Level 42.5 degrees
Dump Angle at Maximum Lift -48.1 degrees
Rack Back Angle - Maximum Lift 56.2 degrees
Width - Over Tires - With Bulge 14.75 ft
Rack Back Angle - Carry 51.6 degrees
Ground to Top of Exhaust Stacks 17 ft
Ground to Top of ROPS 18.3 ft
Ground to Top of Hood 13.1 ft
Ground to Center of Front Axle 4.3 ft
Ground to Bumper Clearance 3.8 ft
Ground to Lower Hitch Clearance 2.2 ft
Reach - Maximum Lift 7.6 ft
Clearance at Maximum Lift 17.2 ft
B-Pin Height - Maximum Lift 24.5 ft
Maximum Overall Height - Bucket Raised 32 ft
Rear Axle - Centerline to Bumper 13.5 ft
Wheel Base 19.3 ft
Maximum Overall Length 51.6 ft
Front Axle Centerline to Bucket Tip 18.8 ft


  • Designed for visibility, with a taller windshield that provides a 25% increase in glass surface area for a better view to the bucket, standard rear-view camera, optional Detect 270-degree cameras, standard LED lighting and mining mirrors.
  • Improved access and egress, with integrated powered access system, adjustable hanging steps, 45-degree-angle wide stairs, emergency egress ladder, and full handrails on each side.
  • Wide walkways with non-skid surfaces and integrated lockout/tagout points designed into the service areas.
  • Speed limiter, which sets the maximum speeds in both forward and reverse.


  • 50% increase in leg room and increased width by the operator’s knees compared to previous model.
  • Reduced vibration, low sound levels and automatic temperature controls.
  • Electro-hydraulic speed-sensing steering with force feedback for shift-long comfort.
  • Pressurized cab featuring Next Gen Seat with 9-inch travel, active cooling and heating, adjustable lumbar support, seat cushion tilt adjustment, and air-adjustable bolsters on the seat and backrest.


  • Low-effort integrated controls that make cycles smoother and faster while reducing fatigue.
  • Large, easy-to-read, color LED displays that provide access to the Electronic Operation & Maintenance Manual.
  • Operator coaching, which helps empower operators to exceed targets by measuring and providing feedback to reinforce proper operating techniques.
  • New Autodig Components that boost efficiency and reduce tire wear by automating critical parts of the digging cycle.
  • Payload Overload Prevention, which inhibits severe payloads from being raised to full truck height.


  • Increased rated payload, which allows for a a 4-pass match to a 90.7-tonne (100-ton) truck in all applications.
  • Better digging thanks to 20% more breakout force compared to previous models, with no increase in cycle time; 9.5% boost in rimpull; and increased traction.
  • Superior loading with Cat Performance Series Buckets, which deliver easier, faster loading; increased fill factors and material retention; larger bucket volume; and better bucket and machine stability due to the payload being lower and closer to the machine.
  • Greater stability, thanks to an increase in static tipping load and greater tipping-to-weight ratio, which helps operators be more confident and productive.


  • Tire Slip Prevention, which reduces rimpull when there is less downforce on the tire and increases rimpull when there is more downforce on the tire — providing maximum rimpull when you can use it.
  • Tire Set, which automatically applies a lift command at the optimal time to increase traction on the tire, allowing for an increase in usable rimpull.
  • Lift Stall Prevention, which automatically applies the impeller clutch when necessary to prevent hydraulic stall when lifting up through the face — keeping the lift motion continuous, without excessive use of the impeller clutch.
  • Positive Flow Control Hydraulic System, which boosts efficiency with concurrent pump and valve control and increases bucket feel and control to deliver consistent performance.
  • On-demand throttle feature that allows operators to maintain normal operation with the left pedal and implements while the 992 manages the engine speed.


  • Reduced time spent on regular maintenance procedures thanks to features such as ground-level or platform access to filters; grouped service points; swing-out doors on both sides of the engine compartment; improved access for engine and pump drive service as well as to cooling package; and automatic lubrication system that greases the linkage, hitch, steering and axle trunnion bearings.
  • Relocated service station that provides easy access to functions such as coolant and oil as well as level indicators; Cat battery charging connector; and indicator lights for full fuel tanks.
  • Standard VIMS™ monitoring system that delivers critical health and payload information, keeping performance at optimum levels and allowing advanced troubleshooting and planning to lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved hydraulic system filtration as well as prognostics for the implement pump and remaining useful life of the engine air filter.
  • Remote Flash capabilities that reduce downtime by providing immediate access to the latest software updates.


  • Ideal for all temperatures, with high ambient package for operation in temperatures as high as 55 degrees C / 131 degrees F; and cold-weather features such as cooling fan bypass; 120V or 240V coolant heating elements and fuel heater; 240V engine oil; and heated mirrors.
  • Approved for higher payloads in low to moderate digging resistance applications; increased payload intended for rehandled material in the ROM pad area or stockpile material, such as coal.
  • Variety of bucket options, including limestone bucket; granite buckets for use in high-abrasion production applications; heavy-duty rock buckets for applications like face loading tightly compacted pit materials or handling materials of moderate abrasion and high impact; coal buckets for light density non-abrasive materials; and iron ore buckets for extremely aggressive applications.
  • New Performance Series Buckets that feature extended floor, dual radius and angled side bars for fast loading; larger bottom box section for increased strength, high fill factors and good material retention; and taller side plate with a level top surface improves operator visibility to the bucket from the cab.
  • Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) that feature CapSure™ Retention Technology, which simplifies component replacement with hammerless retention for fast, easy and safe installation.


  • New C32B engine improved for increased durability.
  • Use of structural castings at the high-stress locations where the lift arm and front axle mount; and improvements to the axle cutout, upper hitch design and rear trunnion mounting.
  • Loads efficiently transmitted by the field-proven solid steel lift arms and reinforced pin joint bores.
  • Powertrain improvements including 20% increase in Planned Component Replacement interval of drivetrain components; increase in axle housing size, which enabled the elimination of the brake anchor and integration of brakes into the housing; 23% increase in oscillation joint diameter, which greatly increases surface area and reduces bearing wear; and increased hardness on Output Transfer Gears (OTG).
  • Frame, powertrain, engine and components that all built to be rebuilt — using new, remanufactured or rebuilt parts and components — to deliver multiple lives of like-new performance at a fraction-of-new price.


  • Cat MineStar™ Terrain for loading, which provides real-time feedback on payloads and design plan progress to increases productivity and accuracy, reduce rework, enhance ore control and improve shift-to-shift operator performance.
  • MineStar Object Detection, which combines radar and camera systems to warn operators about light vehicles or stationary hazards within the immediate vicinity of their machines.
  • MineStar Health, which delivers critical event-based machine condition and operating data and includes comprehensive equipment health and asset monitoring capabilities, with a wide range of diagnostic, analytic and reporting tools.
  • Upgraded touchscreen information display that provides intuitive operation and easy navigation and keeps operators informed about machine systems to decrease service time.
  • Cat ProductLink™, which provides remote access to information on machine systems and diagnostic codes; allows you to track utilization, fuel usage and payload summaries; and gives access to machine location, service meter hours and reporting status.


  • Designed to be more efficient and use less fuel, which reduces engine emissions and carbon footprint; Tier 4 Final engine reduces NOx and particulate matter.
  • Engine Idle Shutdown, which saves fuel by making it possible to avoid unnecessary idling.
  • Better control of fluids through use of Cat anti-drain filter housings and component ecology drains.
  • Retrofits and upgrades for older machines — to incorporate efficiency improvements and emission reductions, and to keep them in production longer to conserve energy and minimize the need for raw materials
  • Cat Rebuild and Cat Reman programs, which preserve raw materials, conserve energy and reduce emissions.

Standard Equipment:

  • Power Train
    • Engine, C32B
    • Fuel priming pump (electric)
    • Ground-level engine shutdown
    • Engine air intake (above hood) precleaner
    • Aluminum Modular Radiator (AMR)
    • Automatic, ether starting aid
    • Electronic throttle lock
    • Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC) with lock-up clutch
    • Rimpull control system
    • Planetary powershift, 3F/3R electronic control transmission
    • Delayed engine shutdown
    • Oil-cooled, multi-disc, service brakes
    • Electro-hydraulic parking brake
    • Auto retarding controls
    • Brake temp estimator
    • Autoshift
  • Linkage
    • Standard lift (23 tonnes/25.5 tons face, 27.2 tonnes/30 tons loose)
  • Efficiency
    • Variable displacement implement pumps
    • Variable displacement load-sensing steering
    • Variable displacement cooling fan pump
    • Torque converter lock-up clutch
    • Bucket float
    • Automatic bucket controls:
      – Lift kickout
      – Return-to-dig kickout
    • Default on-demand throttle (economy mode) with HP+ mode button
    • Engine idle shutdown
  • Electrical And Lighting
    • 150-amp alternator
    • Four 1400 CCA batteries
    • 10/15 amp, 24V to 12V converter
    • Battery – single pole (master disconnect) isolator
    • Emergency jump-start receptacle
    • Starter and transmission lockout in bumper
    • 24V starting and charging system
    • Electric starters
    • Live line indicators in service center
    • LED warning lights (pattern selectable)
    • LED lighting system:
      – Two front- and rear-mounted LED turn signals
      – Four forward-facing running lights
      – Three forward-facing flood lights
      – Four platform-mounted flood lights
      – Two forward-facing high beams
      – Four rear-facing floods
      – Four stairway lights
      – Two engine bay service lights
  • Operator Environment
    • Premium seat with heated and actively cooled leather, adjustable lumbar support, air adjustable bolsters on the seat and backrest, seat cushion tilt adjustment and two-way thigh support adjustment
    • Bonded glass, tinted
    • Trainer seat
    • Dual-lever lift and tilt function controls
    • Implement kickouts
    • Air conditioner
    • Cab pressure indicator
    • Graphical touchscreen information display conveys real-time operating information and payload measurement
    • Heater, defroster, auto temperature controls
    • Gauge instrumentation with configurable widgets:
      – Status indicators
      – Wheel rev counter
      – Simplified payload
      – TPMS (optional)
      – Bucket angle
      – Coolant temperature
      – Hydraulic oil temperature
      – Fuel level
      – Power train oil temperature
      – Engine speed (tachometer)
      – Transmission gear
      – Ground speed
      – Engine hour meter
    • Powered cab precleaner
    • Operator presence status
    • Starting/charging system malfunction
    • Electronic OMM
    • Operator controls help
    • Two USB charging ports
    • CB mounting, 12V/24V power and antenna
    • 14-pin service port
    • 12V power
    • Selectable application profiles
    • Entertainment radio mute
    • Push-To-Start (PTS)
    • Warning/indicator instrumentation
    • Keypad control with indicator lights
    • Dome light in cab
    • Lunchbox and beverage holders
    • Electro-hydraulic force feedback steering
    • Vital Information Management System (VIMS) with information display: external data port, cycle timer
    • Coat hook
  • Safety
    • Ground-access ladders
    • Rear-vision camera
    • Front walkway around cab
    • Tie-offs on ROPS
    • Steering frame lock
    • Stairways on both sides of the machine
    • Platform toe kicks
    • Retractable seatbelt, operator and trainer seat
    • Back-up alarm
    • Electric disc horns
    • Implement lock switch
    • Seatbelt warning
    • Entertainment radio mute
  • Machine Control And Guidance
    • MineStar Health ready
      MineStar GUIDE ready
      MineStar Edge ready
  • Cooling
    • Standard ambient package (recommended for site conditions that do not exceed 43° C [110° F])
  • Service
    • Ground-level service center including:
      – Implement and cooling fan oil level indicator
      – Steering and brake oil level indicator
      – Window washer fluid level indicator
      – Transmission oil level indicator
      – Fuel level indicator
      – Engine oil level indicator
      – Engine coolant level indicator
      – Automatic lubrication system grease tank level indicator
      – Starter lockout and LED
      – Heavy-duty battery disconnect switch
      – Stairway light switch
      – Service lighting switch (if equipped)
      – Fuel shutoff engine shutdown switch
      – Engine oil fast-fill port
      – Transmission oil fast-fill port
      – Steering and brake hydraulic oil fast-fill port
      – Steering and brake hydraulic oil drain port
      – Engine coolant fast-fill port
      – Implement and cooling fan hydraulic oil fast-fill port
      – Implement and cooling fan hydraulic oil drain port
      – Automatic lubrication system grease tank fill port
      – 24V jump-start receptacle
      – 12V power port
      – 120V jacket water plug (if equipped)
      – 240V jacket water plug (if equipped)
      – VIMS key switch
      – 14-pin service port
      – Transmission lockout and LED
    • In-tank mounted cartridge-type case drain filters with in-line magnetic plugs on implement, cooling fan, brake and steering pumps
    • High-pressure screens on the output side of implement, cooling fan, brake and steering pumps
    • Implement pump efficiency monitoring
    • Rock guards on linkage grease lines
    • Cat O-ring face seal couplings
    • Lockable service access doors
    • Ecology drains for engine, radiator, hydraulic tank, steering and brake tank, brake cooling tank and axles
    • Electronic pressure control of the automatic lubrication system eliminates pressure adjustment and monitors grease thickness for temperature compatibility
    • Ground-level fast-fill fuel system
    • Drawbar hitch with pin
    • Cat XT hoses
    • Left-side service center
    • Oil sampling valves
    • Premixed 50% concentration of extended-life coolant with freeze protection to –34° C (–29° F)
    • Rear access to cab and service platform
    • Load-sensing steering
    • Vandalism protection caplocks
    • Cooling cleanout service access
    • Telematics and Cat Electronic Technician service port in bumper
    • Automatic Autolube filling shutoff valve

Optional Equipment:

  • Power Train
    • Advanced auto retarding controls with engine brake
  • Linkage
    • High lift (20.5 tonnes/22.5 tons face, 24.5 tonnes/27 tons loose)
  • Electrical And Lighting
    • Dual pole battery isolator
    • Six service lights
    • Two hitch-mounted lights
  • Operator Environment
    • Rubber-mounted, high-impact resistant solar control glass
    • Trainer seat with suspension
    • Joystick lift and tilt function controls
    • Bluetooth®-enabled machine security
    • Sun screen, pull down (front and rear)
    • AM/FM/AUX radio
    • AM/FM/AUX/USB/BT/CD/SAT radio
  • Safety
    • Powered ground-access stairs
    • Side-vision cameras (270 degree)
    • Cat Detect (rear object detection)
    • Wheel chocks
    • Secondary steering
    • Electric trumpet field horn plus electric shop horn
    • Fire suppression ready (tank mounting provision and provision for integration with machine electronics for monitoring faults or activation)
    • Emergency stop system
  • Cold Weather
    • Cold-weather cooling fan bypass (recommended for temperatures below –29° C [–20° F])
    • 120V or 240V coolant heating elements (recommended in conditions from –18° C to –30° C [0° F to –22° F])
    • Fuel heater (heated by recirculation using engine heat and a heat exchanger) (recommended in conditions from –18° C to –30° C [0° F to –22° F])
    • Heated mirrors
  • Machine Control And Guidance
    • Cat Payload with Overload Prevention
    • New Autodig Components:
      – Tire slip prevention
      – Lift stall prevention
      – Tire set
    • Operator coaching
  • Cooling
    • High ambient package (recommended for site conditions that do not exceed 55° C [131° F])
  • Rims And Tires
    • Rims – 914.4 mm (36") (36 × 45)
      113.3 mm (4.5") flange
      For use with 45/65R45 and 45/65-45 tires
      Tires – 45/65R45
      Tires – 45/65-45
  • Spare Rims
    • 914.4 mm (36") (36 × 45) (4.5") flange
  • Service
    • Transmission and engine guards
    • Diagnostic lines for easy troubleshooting access
    • Product Link cellular
    • Product Link (dual mode – satellite/cellular)
  • Sound
    • Sound-suppression package
  • Load And Carry Or Extensive Tramming
    • Ride control

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