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Quick Tip Video — Cat® Certified Rebuilds

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Count on Caterpillar® for solutions throughout every part of your Cat machine’s lifecycle, including its end. With Cat Certified rebuilds, you can give your equipment a new life at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Learn more about Cat Certified Rebuilds in the video below:

Cat Certified Rebuild Programs

Whether all or part of your machine needs a refresh, you can count on Caterpillar for the rebuild you require. Choose from five rebuild programs that cover different parts of your equipment:

  • Certified Rebuild: Entire machine
  • Certified Power Train: Full power train system
  • Certified Engine Rebuild:Power applications like generator sets, pumps, marine propulsion and locomotives
  • Certified Machine Component Rebuild: Transmission and torque converter combinations or engines
  • Certified Hydraulic Rebuild: Hydraulic system (for excavator models)

The Steps Behind a Cat Certified Rebuild

The Cat Certified Rebuild process involves these stages to deliver like-new performance:

  1. Inspection: Your rebuild team will perform visual inspections, fluid analysis and maintenance reviews. The Cat Certified Rebuild inspection process involves more than 350 tests.
  2. Disassembly: Next, the shop will completely disassemble your machine or components. They will replace or recondition as needed to meet Caterpillar’s high standards.
  3. Reconditioning: The Cat rebuild reconditioning process includes work that many companies don’t include in overhauls. Your rebuild experts will replace electronic control modules, worn linkage pins and many other components.
  4. Engineering updates: Cat machines, including your rebuild, continuously improve over the years. The rebuild shop will add any improvements to your model that Caterpillar introduced after its manufacture.
  5. Power train tests: Your rebuild shop will thoroughly inspect the engine, transmission, fuel system and other parts of your power train. They will then recondition or replace components that don’t meet specifications.
  6. Reassembly: During assembly, the rebuild team will maintain all necessary clearances, torques and pressure settings. They will also replace engine wiring harnesses.
  7. Performance testing: Once your rebuild experts reassemble your machine or system, they’ll perform quality control tests. These inspections use multiple methods to ensure that field and shop results match.
  8. Repainting: Your rebuild will receive an updated appearance in addition to its enhanced components. It will get a full repainting with identity graphics and a Cat Certified Rebuild decal.
  9. Serial or product identification number: At the end of the rebuild, your shop team will give your machine a new serial or product identification number.
  10. Client evaluation: The shop will not complete the rebuild process until you feel satisfied with your rebuild on the job.

Rebuilds From NMC CAT

NMC CAT performs Cat Certified Rebuilds for all of Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Our rebuild shop performs salvage operations, engineering updates and part replacements to make your machine work like new. Rebuilds from our team get a like-new warranty and extended power train coverage to ensure their performance. When you get an NMC Cat rebuild, you’ll also benefit from our dealer support services.

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