Count on NMC Cat’s Rebuild Shop

Caterpillar machines and components are built to be rebuilt.

NMC, your Caterpillar dealer, has the training, the tools, and the technicians like no one else. Trust the experts.


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Why Rebuild?

Cat Machines are built to be rebuilt, but the benefits don’t stop there. Consider these benefits as reasons to choose to rebuild:
• Maximize Machine Productivity
• Improve Reliability
• Have Like-New Machine Coverage
• Lower Cost Than a New Machine
• Greater Return on Your Equipment Investment
• Like-New Appearance
• Receive a New Machine Serial Number

What’s in a Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR)?

Cat Certified Rebuilds are completely endorsed by Cat and performed solely by Cat dealers
• Machine is rebuilt to Like-New condition
• 7,000 New, Reman or Reconditioned Parts
• Only Genuine Cat Parts Used
• NMC Cat Performs Salvage Operations
• Critical Engineering Updates Incorporated (Upgrades Optional)
• Expected to Perform Like a New Machine
• New in Appearance & Operation

NMC Cat also performs Component Rebuilds Component Rebuilds

Basic Engine components including:

  • Fuel, Oil and Water Pump
  • Turbocharger
  • Governor
  • Engine Control Module, Etc.
  • Transmission Pumps
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • Torque Converter
  • Drive Shafts and U-Joints
  • Differential
  • Transfer Gear Group
  • Final Drives & Axles
  • Electronic Controls and Sensors
  • Radiators and Coolers

Get a second machine life at 50-60% of the price of a new Cat machine.

Additionally, you receive a like-new warranty on new parts and extended coverage options on your power train. Other benefits include:
• Budget Flexibility
• Capital Budget with New Product Identification Number
• Repair & Maintenance Expense
• Stay with the Same Machine Size & Technology
• Provides Improved Machine Availability
• Includes Critical Engineering Updates
• Replace Parts Such as Harnesses, Sensors, Gauges, etc.
• Lower Warranty Expense than New!
• New Machine Product Identification Number
• Lower Priced Cat Product Line Option with Your Dealer Support Services

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