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Maintenance Tips to Prevent Semi-Truck Power Steering Issues

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While power steering components generally require little maintenance, you still need to care for them to minimize the effects of age and wear. Since these parts are vital to how your truck handles, it’s essential to use proper maintenance techniques to help prevent power steering problems.

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Prevent Semi Power Steering Issues

Mitigating power steering problems in a semi-truck starts with routine inspections and maintenance. You can ensure your semi continues to operate safely and effectively by keeping an eye on these areas:

Inspect the Steering Lash

To check the steering lash, you should start by turning the steering wheel until the tires begin to change directions. Mark the steering wheel as a reference point, then turn it in the opposite direction in the same fashion. Place another mark, then measure the distance between them.

The acceptable level of steering lash will depend on the diameter of your steering wheel. If the number is too high, contact a professional truck servicer.

Check the Suspension

Next, you will want to look at the suspension for signs of any of the following:

  • Springs that are cracked, misaligned, missing or shifted
  • Shackles that have become loose
  • Spring hangers that are no longer secure
  • Missing bolts

Be sure to check for unsecured axle positioning parts or signs of axle misalignment as well.

Look for Power Steering Fluid Leaks

All trucks and other vehicles need power steering fluid to keep this system operational. If you notice your semi-truck’s wheel is hard to turn, it could be due to a fluid leak in the power steering system.

You will want to replenish the missing fluid and ensure you get your truck serviced as quickly as possible.

Examine the Serpentine Belt

Keep a cautious eye on the condition of your serpentine belt. This belt is key to correct engine operation and affects power steering function.

With time, you might notice wear on the belt in the form of fraying, cracks or looseness. If you see these issues or notice stiffness in your steering wheel, you will need to get the belt repaired or replaced. Doing so early will prevent further power steering problems.

Contact NMC Cat to Fix Power Steering Problems on Your Semi-Truck

Steering is the most crucial part of driving, especially for vehicles designed to haul heavy loads. You need to be able to turn the wheel and know your power steering system will respond to ensure your safety and that of others on the road.

For more information about maintenance and repair for semi-truck power steering systems, contact NMC Cat today.