If you own construction equipment, you know the importance of a high-functioning transmission. Your equipment’s transmission is responsible for supplying the proper amount of power to the wheels, allowing them to move at a given speed. With such a crucial job, a blown transmission can be detrimental to your heavy equipment’s safety and functionality.

That’s why NMC Cat offers a variety of preventive maintenance and repair services for your heavy equipment transmission. With Cat® transmission repairs, you can ensure that your fleet operates at full capacity without hazards or interruptions. Whether you work with our skilled on-site or field technicians, you’ll experience cutting-edge service that lasts so your heavy equipment can return to the job site with minimal downtime.

SCHEDULE YOUR Equipment Transmission SERVICE

a NMC Cat Service truck behind a heavy construction equipment rental

Equipment Transmission Service

The talented technicians at NMC Cat have the tools, knowledge and expertise to make construction equipment transmission repairs no matter the equipment type. From preventive maintenance inspections to major repairs, we have the resources needed to make the fastest and most efficient fixes.

You can avoid transmission complications from occurring in the future with preventive maintenance services. We have a wide variety of maintenance options for heavy equipment transmissions, including:

  • Inspections.
  • Oil changes.
  • Filter and breather maintenance.
  • Contamination prevention.

We also offer Cat transmission repairs for all your construction equipment needs. From bearing and seal replacements to transmission rebuilds and overhauls, our team of professionals will diagnose and troubleshoot any issue with ease. Whether you’re experiencing leakage, overheating, strange noises, vibrations or other problem indicators, we can provide the equipment transmission services needed to correct any issue either in-shop or on-site.

Field Service

If your heavy equipment needs emergency repairs, our 24-hour field services will accommodate you. When you call us for on-site transmission repairs, our skilled technicians will arrive at your location with one of our 150 heavy-duty service trucks, fully equipped with the tools and resources necessary to perform the most precise transmission repairs.

Our technicians are centrally dispatched, allowing them to reach job sites across Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa, for the fastest and highest quality fixes.

Shop Service

You can also visit one of our excellent NMC Cat facilities when you book shop services. Our repair shops house high-tech diagnostic tools and specialized areas where we will quickly and accurately repair your heavy equipment’s transmission. When you schedule in-shop services, you can relax knowing that your equipment is safe from harmful contaminants in our shop’s clean and controlled environment. Our in-shop professionals will work tirelessly for the best results so that your construction equipment can run better and last longer.

With seven locations across Nebraska, you can be sure to find a shop near you. Use our shop locator to pinpoint NMC Cat locations close to you.

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If you need construction equipment transmission services, NMC Cat has you covered. We’ve been in the business for over 80 years, offering the most competitive rates and expert services, so you can trust us with your transmission repair needs.

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