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Having a solid track record in the quarry and aggregates industry, Cat’s 775G has been designed and manufactured using the latest quality control technologies—both virtually and hands on—to ensure your Off-Highway Truck is ready to do work. Built with a Cat C27 diesel engine, the 775G has improved fuel efficiency and delivers an additional 5% horsepower. Our 775G is a great pass match for the Cat 988K or 990K Wheel Loader, too. By having the Cat G Series trucks in your haul fleets, you can be more productive, spend less time on maintenance, and support the environment with new levels of eco performance. Which ultimately allows you to make a positive impact within your business and community every day.

Operating Specifications
Nominal Payload Class (100%) 70.5 ton (US)
Top Speed - Loaded 41.6 mile/h
Body Capacity - SAE 2:1 55.23 yd³
Maximum Working Payload (110%) 77.5 ton (US)
Maximum Allowable Payload (120%)* 84.6 ton (US)
Target Payload (100%) 70.5 ton (US)
Note (1) Capacity with Dual Slope body – no liner.
Note (2) * Refer to the Caterpillar 10/10/20 Payload Policy for maximum gross machine weight limitations.
Engine Model Cat® C27
Rated Engine Speed 1800 r/min
Gross Power - SAE J1995 825 HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 768 HP
Net Power - ISO 9249 775 HP
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC 775 HP
Bore 5.4 in
Stroke 6 in
Displacement 1648 in³
Engine Power - ISO 14396 812 HP
Net Torque 3148 ft-lb
Peak Torque - Speed 1200 r/min
Emissions Meets EU Stage V emission standards.
Note (1) Power rating applies at 2,000 rpm when tested under the specified condition for the specified standard.
Note (2) Ratings based on SAE J1995 standard air conditions of 25° C (77° F) and 100 kPa (29.61 Hg) barometer. Power based on fuel having API gravity of 35 at 16° C (60° F) and an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg (18,390 BTU/lb) when engine used at 30° C (86° F).
Note (3) No engine derating required up to 3810 m (12,500 ft) for Tier 2 Equivalent.
Capacity - Dual Slope - 100% Fill Factor
Struck 42.7 yd³
Note (1) Contact your local Cat dealer for body recommendation.
Heaped (SAE 2:1)* 55.5 yd³
Note (2) *ISO 6483:1980
Capacity - Flat Floor - 100% Fill Factor
Struck 42.2 yd³
Note (1) Contact your local Cat dealer for body recommendation.
Heaped (SAE 2:1)* 55.2 yd³
Note (2) *ISO 6483:1980
Weight Distributions - Approximate
Front Axle - Empty 50 %
Front Axle - Loaded 34 %
Rear Axle - Empty 50 %
Rear Axle - Loaded 66 %
Forward - 1 6.6 mile/h
Forward - 2 9.3 mile/h
Forward - 3 12.6 mile/h
Forward - 4 16.8 mile/h
Forward - 5 22.8 mile/h
Forward - 6 30.7 mile/h
Forward - 7 41.6 mile/h
Reverse 8.7 mile/h
Note Maximum travel speeds with standard 24.00R35 (E4) tires.
Final Drives
Differential Ratio 3.64:1
Planetary Ratio 4.80:1
Total Reduction Ratio 17.49:1
Brake Surface - Front 257 in²
Brake Surface - Rear 9497 in²
Brake Standards ISO 3450:2011
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 210 gal (US)
Cooling System 45 gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives 38 gal (US)
Steering Tank 9.5 gal (US)
Steering System - Including Tank 14 gal (US)
Brake Hoist System 85 gal (US)
Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Tank 46.5 gal (US)
Crankcase 24 gal (US)
Torque Converter - Transmission System - HRC 18 gal (US)
Torque Converter - Transmission System - LRC 16 gal (US)
Body Hoists
Pump Flow - High Idle 118 gal/min
Relief Valve Setting - Raise 2502 psi
Relief Valve Setting - Lower 500 psi
Body Raise Time - High Idle 10 s
Body Lower Time - Float 14 s
Body Power Down - High Idle 14 s
Weights - Approximate
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight 246503 lb
Empty Loaded Cylinder Stroke Front 9.2 in
Empty Loaded Cylinder Stroke Rear 5.8 in
Rear axle - Oscillation 8.1°
Turning Diameter - Front 77.1 ft
Steering Standards ISO 5010:2007
Steer Angle 31 °
Turning Circle - Clearance Diameter 85.6 ft
Note (1) Productive capabilities of the 775G truck are such that, under certain job conditions, TKPH (TMPH) capabilities of standard or optional tires could be exceeded and, therefore, limit production.
Note (2) Caterpillar recommends the customer evaluate all job conditions and consult the tire manufacturer for proper tire selection.
Standard Tire 24.00R35 (E4)
FOPS Standards Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) meets ISO 3449:2005 Level II FOPS criteria.
ROPS Standards Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) for cab offered by Caterpillar meets ISO 3471:2008 ROPS criteria.
Sound Standards (1) The operator Equivalent Sound Pressure Level (Leq) is 76 dB(A) when SAE J1166 FEB2008 is used to measure the value for an enclosed cab. This is a work cycle sound exposure level. The cab was properly installed and maintained. The test was conducted with t
Sound Standards (2) The exterior sound pressure level for the standard machine measured at a distance of 15 m (49 ft) according to the test procedures specified in SAE J88:2008, mid‑gear moving operation is 86 dB(A).
Sound Standards (3) Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy environment.
Recyclability 98%


  • Haul your materials faster with an accelerated travel speed.
  • Put more power to the ground with a 7% increase in torque.
  • Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS)
  • Transmission controls carry more torque through the shifts, producing faster cycle times, most noticeably on grades.
  • Enjoy greater productivity while using a more responsive Traction Control System (TCS).
  • Reduce tire wear with maximum traction by engaging TCS early in the slip.
  • Strong, predictable performance helps operators achieve the lowest cost per ton.

Fuel Saving Strategies

New Brake Design


  • Up to 13% less fuel consumption.
  • APECS transmission controls increase fuel efficiency by maintaining momentum and speed on grade.
  • Automatically optimize fuel consumption with the Adaptive Economy mode – reduces fuel use without affecting productivity and can be engaged with a single button.
  • Find improvements in fuel efficiency with auto neutral idle.
  • Haul your 775 truck at a more fuel-efficient engine speed and gear selection with speed limiting.
  • Conserve fuel with integrated Engine Idle Shutdown by the engine automatically initiating when the truck is in park and idle for a preset amount of time.


  • Improvements in accessibility with safe ground-level access to fuel fill and daily maintenance points.
  • Ensure three points of contact when entering and exiting the machine with strategically placed walkways and grab rails.
  • Wet disc braking is standard on all four corners of the truck.
  • Ground-level refueling requires no climbing on the machine to fill the fuel tank.
  • The ground-level engine shutoff switch stops all fuel to the engine when activated and shuts down the machine safely.
  • Overload speed limiter works with truck payload system to reduce machine speed automatically when the truck is overloaded.
  • Four-point seat belt for operator and lap belt for trainer seat.
  • Four camera and radar system to identify potential hazards.


  • Completely redesigned cab for a whole new standard in visibility, comfort, and productivity.
  • The new operator seat placement provides easier operation and comfort to the operator.
  • Improvements in visibility gain enlarged views of the work area and its surroundings.
  • Access connectivity and decrease clutter with more storage areas with the new designed cab.
  • Enjoy the easy automotive-quality shifting with the new integrated hoist and transmission controls.
  • Automatic cab temperature controls.
  • Simplified operator interface with touchscreen display.
  • Best-in-class lighting with new LED lighting package.


  • Integrated systems give you the ability to make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and lower costs.
  • Gain valuable insight into how your machine is performing by continuously monitoring and collecting vital machine data via the advisor display with the software Vital Information Management System (VIMS™).
  • Truck Production Management System (TPMS) provides accurate weighing of the materials, stores 2,400 payload cycles, and reports on weights, haul cycle times, and distances with date and time stamps.
  • External payload indicator lights alert the loader when to stop, reducing the risk of machine overloading.
  • Product Link™ system connects to each machine wirelessly, allowing you to monitor location, hours, fuel use, productivity, idle time, and diagnostic codes.
  • VisionLink® wirelessly connects you to your equipment, giving you access to essential information you need to know to run your business.
  • The Cat 775 is MineStar™ ready and includes Cat Product Link Elite and VIMS to help optimize equipment management, remote monitoring capabilities, machine availability, and component life while reducing both repair costs and the risk of catastrophic failure.


  • Grouped service points.
  • Control Particulate Matter (PM) with two engine-mounted diesel oxidation catalyst canisters. (Tier 4 only)
  • NRS technology replaces a portion of intake air with exhaust gas to control combustion temperatures and NOx production. (Tier 4 only)
  • Parts commonality with other Cat equipment.
  • Resolve problems before failure occurs with VIMS notifications.
  • Hydraulic oil filter life is extended to 1,000 hours under normal operating conditions.
  • Redesigned EGR coolers utilize flexible tubes to be more robust to cooling loss and more durable. (Tier 4 only)


  • A Coal body option of varying capacities is available for lightweight materials.
  • For haul profiles including steep slopes, an optional Dual Slope body is available—offering excellent material retention.
  • The X body’s flat floor is perfect for metering material, especially when feeding the crusher.
  • Protect your truck’s body life in high-impact, hard rock applications with the optional rubber liner—available for Dual Slope and X bodies.


  • The Cat® C27 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards.
  • The 775G emits up to 9% less CO2 than the previous 775F*.
  • Cat diesel engines are required to use ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with 15 ppm of sulfur or less) or ULSD blended with the following lower-carbon intensity fuels up to: 20% biodiesel FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) ** or 100% renewable diesel, HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) and GTL (gas-to-liquid) fuels. Refer to guidelines for successful application. Please consult your Cat dealer or “Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations” (SEBU6250) for details.
  • Engine Idle Shutdown Timer reduces fuel burn, greenhouse gas emissions and unnecessary idle time by shutting down the machine after a pre-set idling period.
  • Extended maintenance intervals not only reduce downtime but decrease the amount of fluid and filters that are replaced over the life of the machine.
  • VisionLink® displays the CO2 emissions for monitored assets, calculated by fuel type for the Runtime Fuel Burned each day in a selected date range.
  • Don't waste fuel idling. Cat VisionLink® online fleet monitoring helps you manage idle time and reduce fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Take advantage of the Cat® Certified Rebuild program and return your end-of-life machines, systems and components to like-new condition. A Cat Certified Rebuild restores — and can even improve on — its original performance and productivity levels.

*All comparisons to 775F. Productivity, fuel and CO2 emissions vary by application. CO2 emissions calculations based on a reference work cycle using 2.2 U.S. gallons per hour of #2 U.S. diesel fuel based. Applies IPCC2006 methodology using U.S. EPA Emissions Hub emission factors. Includes DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) related CO2. Fuel measurements are at 15°C. Estimated average fuel consumption improvements are based on tests or Product Link® data where available. Productivity improvements are based on test data.
**Engines with no aftertreatment devices can use higher blends, up to 100% biodiesel.

Standard Equipment:

  • Note
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Power Train
    • Cat C27 Tier 4/Stage V compliant diesel engine:
      – Air cleaner with precleaner (2)
      – Air-To-Air Aftercooler (ATAAC)
      – Electric start
      – Engine idle shutdown
      – Ether starting aid
      – Exhaust muffler
      – NGMR radiator
    • For Tier 4 regions only (U.S./Canada):
      – Aftertreatment system
      • NOx Reduction System (NRS)
      • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

      – Demand fan
      – MEUI-C fuel system
    • Braking system:
      – Extended Life Brakes
      – Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)
      – Manual retarder (utilizes rear oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes)
      – Brake release motor (towing)
      – Dry disc brakes (front)
      – Front brake disconnect switch (front)
      – Oil-cooled multiple disc brakes (rear)
      – Brake wear indicator (rear)
      – Parking brake
      – Secondary brake
      – Service brake
    • Transmission:
      – 7-speed automatic powershift with:
      • Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)
      • Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS)

      – Automatic neutral idle
      – Autostall
      – Second gear start
  • Suspension Systems
    • Suspension, front and rear
  • Electrical
    • Alarm backup
    • Alternator, 120 Amp
    • Autolube power supply ready
    • Batteries, maintenance-free, 12V (2), 1,400 CCA combined
    • Electrical system, 25 Amp, 24V to 12V converter
    • Lighting system:
      – Backup light (halogen)
      – Directional signals/hazard warning (front and rear LED)
      – Engine compartment light
      – Headlights, (halogen) with dimmer
      – Operator access courtesy lights
      – Side profile lights
      – Stop/tail lights (LED)
    • Service center containing:
      – Battery jump start
      – Breakers with spare fuses
      – Lockout switch
      – Ports, ET, and VIMS
      – Service lockout switch (power without engine start)
  • Technology Products
    • Economy Modes, standard and adaptive
    • Product Link, cellular or satellite
    • Traction Control System (TCS)
    • Truck Production Management System
    • Vital Information Management System (VIMS)
  • Operator Environment
    • Advisor display:
      – Air cleaner service indicator
      – Fluid level monitoring
      – Fuel level monitoring
      – Display languages (market based)
    • Air conditioning/heat
    • Automatic temperature control
    • Ashtray and cigarette lighter
    • Coat hook
    • Cup holders (4)
    • Diagnostic connection port, 24V
    • Entertainment radio ready:
      – 5 amp converter
      – Speakers
      – Antenna
      – Wiring harness
    • Foot rest
    • Gauges/indicators:
      – Brake oil temperature gauge
      – Coolant temperature gauge
      – Engine overspeed indicator
      – Fuel level
      – Hour meter
      – Speedometer with odometer
      – Tachometer
      – Transmission gear indicator
    • Hoist lever
    • Horn
    • Light – courtesy
    • Light – dome
    • Mirrors, non-heated
    • Power port, 24V and 12V (2)
    • Rollover Protection (ROPS)/Falling Object Protection (FOPS)
    • Seat, Cat Comfort Series III:
      – Full air suspension
      – Retractable 3-point seat belt with shoulder harness
    • Seat, training with lap belt
    • Steering wheel, padded, tilt and telescopic
    • Storage compartment
    • Sun visor
    • Throttle lock
    • Window, hinged, right side (emergency exit)
    • Window, powered, left side
    • Windshield wiper intermittent and washer
  • Guards
    • Driveline
    • Engine crankcase
    • Fan
  • Fluids
    • Antifreeze
    • Extended life coolant to –34° C (–30° F)
    • Grouped ground-level filters
  • Other Standard Equipment
    • Body down indicator
    • Body safety pin (secures body in up position)
    • Center-mounted rims
    • Fuel tank, 795 L (210 gal)
    • Ground level battery disconnect
    • Ground level engine shutdown
    • Ground level grease fittings
    • Operator Maintenance Manual (OMM)
    • Rims 17 × 35
    • Rock ejectors
    • Secondary steering (electric)
    • Tie down eyes
    • Tow hooks (front)/tow pin (rear)
    • Vandalism protection locks

Optional Equipment:

  • Note
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Optional Equipment
    • Body heat
    • Body liner
    • Body sideboards
    • Cab precleaner
    • Cat Engine Brake
    • Clustered grease fittings
    • Cold weather packages
    • Fluid fill service center
    • HID lights
    • Mirrors, convex
    • Mirrors, heated
    • Spare rim
    • Visibility package (meets ISO 5006 requirements)
    • Wheel chocks
    • Work Area Vision System (WAVS)

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