SE47 FM (411) Vibratory Screed



Technical Specifications
Benefits and Features
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The Cat® SE47 FM screed provides application versatility, easy set-up, and a wide paving range, making it the perfect match for urban streets, parking lots, rural roads and many other mid-sized applications. Front-mounted extenders easily navigate curbs, light poles, turnouts, and other obstacles.

Standard Weight 6200 lb
Operating Specifications
Standard Paving Range 2.44 - 4.7 m (8' - 15' 6")
Maximum Paving Width 20.5 ft
Maximum Paving Depth 10 in
Heating Time - Maximum Width 25 minutes
Heating Time - Standard Width 15 minutes
Crown Range -5% to +10%
Vibratory Speed Range 0 to 3000 vpm
Extender Height Range -41 mm to +6.5 mm
Extender Slope Range 0% to +9%
Minimum Width - Endgates Attached 118 in
Transport Length - Tractor and Screed 20.9 ft
Screed Plates Width, Front to Back, Main Screed 24 in
Screed Plates Width, Front to Back, Extenders 9 in
Length - Front to Back, Endgates Attached 86 in
Length - Front to Back, Endgates Removed 59 in

Application Versatility

  • The standard paving range of 2.44 m - 4.7 m (8' - 15' 6") and maximum width of 6.25 m (20' 6") provides a balance between urban and highway paving applications.
  • Common applications include parking lots, urban and rural roads, subdivision streets, and highways
  • Front-mounted extenders make maneuvering around abstacles easy by providing the ability to retract without first clearing material from the extender
  • Power berm options provide the ability to create a 305 mm (12") or 457 mm (18") wide berms with a variable height up to 102 mm (4")

Quick Adjustment

  • Trailing edge screed plate adjusters help maintain an even plane across the width of the screed in order to improve paving quaility and extend screed plate life
  • Extender angle of attack is easily accessible from the top of the extender frame
  • Inner and outer strike-off adjustments are connected to provide single point modification that ensures equal adjustment across the width of the screed
  • Slope stops help maintain performance

Smooth Material Flow

  • Screed plate widths of 610 mm (24") on the main and 210 mm (9") on the extenders provide smooth flow
  • Heated end gate option improves material flow for enhanced longitudinal joints
  • The in-line extension cylinders and rigid frame design reduces deflection in the extenders for better mat quality

Quick Heat, Even Distribution

  • Screed plate heating in as little as 25 minutes to 130º C (266º F)
  • Exclusive zone monitoring allows heating to continue in the event of a temperature sensor failure
  • U-shaped heating elements combined with zone monitoring helps ensure even heat distribution and smooth asphalt textures

Simple Operation

  • Operating displays can be tailored to specific language requirements with multiple options available
  • Exclusive 2-speed, proportional extender control provides smooth adjustment when transitioning paving widths
  • Screed operating consoles are equipped with ratio adjustment for the augers and conveyors, providing the ability to modify material flow
  • Power controls for extender slope and height enables operators to quickly manage mat angles and surface textures

Pendent Control (Option)

  • Independent feeder system control includes manual and pause functions for each auger and conveyor
  • Emergency engine stop feature
  • Simple tow-point and berm attachment adjustments can be easily made with good visibility from the remote position

Cat® Grade Control (Option)

  • Factory-integrated guidance system that helps remove irregularities from the surface and control mat thickness for increased production, lower operating costs, and higher profitability
  • User-friendly system with text-based displays, split screen-mode, and on-the-go sensor selection
  • Precise control driven by 10-point auto-calibration, true averaging with 5 transducers in each sensor, and cross-coupling feature that maintains elevation with height adjustment

Service and Repair Kits

  • Paver and screed service and repair kits include the parts necessary to complete specific repairs
  • Cat genuine parts are manufactured to precise specifications and designed for optimal performance and maximum uptime
  • Repair kits are identified by a single part number to make ordering easy
  • Select kits are available to be packaged as a kit by the dealer for over the counter purchases or through the dealer service shop

Standard Equipment:

  • Material Delivery
    • Thickness screws _ clockwise or counterclockwise
    • End gate_manual
  • Operating Environment
    • Level holder
    • Lockable storage
    • Shovel holder
  • Power Controls
    • Crown
    • Slope
    • Extender height
  • Service And Repair
    • Service repair kits
  • Safety
    • Horn

Optional Equipment:

  • Operating Environment
    • Pendent control
    • Visor _ LCD display
  • Technology
    • Cat Grade Control
  • Safety
    • Lights_roading
  • Material Delivery
    • Berm attachments
    • Cutoff shoe
    • Drop arm stabilizer
    • End gate_heated
    • End gate shoe_safety edge
    • ExtensionsExtension _ 100 mm (4") high angle of attack
    • Extension _ 305 mm (12")
    • Extension _ 457 mm (18")
    • Extension _ 610 mm (24")
    • Screed plate _ dove tail
    • Tapered notch extension with 457 mm (18")
    • Vibratory sled _ utilized with tapered notch

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