What to Expect When You Rent Construction Equipment

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Renting construction equipment comes with many advantages for contractors and large construction companies alike — it can help you complete projects more efficiently and free up resources for other business endeavors, all while limiting risk to your company. Rentals have grown popular in recent years. However, the construction equipment rental process may seem overwhelming if you have not worked with a rental company before.

To feel confident renting equipment for your business, you need to know what to expect at every stage. Read our guide to construction equipment renting for an explanation of the process and tips for choosing the right rental provider.

How Do I Rent Construction Equipment?

If you want to know how to rent heavy equipment, the first step in the process is choosing your rental company. To get the most value for your investment, you need to pick a construction equipment rental business capable of fulfilling your requirements and operating with transparency. Different rental companies have different policies and strengths, so you should plan to do some research before making your selection.

Remember to pay attention to location when evaluating your options. Proximity impacts a company’s ability to get equipment to your location and provide support services.

Wherever your rental company happens to be located, you should expect the staff to provide clear answers to any questions you have. Here are a few things to ask a rental provider you hope to work with:

  • What are your rates? Gather information about the provider’s rates and fees and compare it with information from other companies in your area. You should also make sure you understand the company’s billing policies and financing options. At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we offer competitive construction equipment rental prices and flexible financing.
  • How long can I keep the equipment? Make sure the rental company you are considering can loan you equipment for the amount of time you require. NMC The Cat Rental Store has daily, weekly and monthly options.
  • Do you have service records for the equipment? Service records tell you how well a company maintains its equipment and how reliable that equipment has been in the past. A trustworthy company will have these records on file.
  • What are your hours of operation? In the event of an equipment breakdown, you may benefit from a provider that offers 24/7 emergency service. Ask about normal hours of operation, as well as services available around the clock.

Finding the Right Machine

Once you have found a reliable rental company, you can move on to the fun part — choosing which machine to bring to your job site. Many companies provide consultations to help determine what kind of equipment will best serve your needs. At NMC The Cat Rental Store, our knowledgeable team members work to understand your project requirements and match you with machinery that will perform to your standards.

You can expect your rental company to ask about your project before recommending a machine. You may find it helpful to come prepared with information about:

  • The project environment
  • The duration of the project
  • The type of equipment you need
  • The size of equipment you need
  • A preferred brand, if you have one
  • Any attachments or additional items you require

Before, During and After the Rental

Before you can take your new rental equipment into the field, you’ll need to sign a rental agreement. This document will usually contain information about your rental company’s policies, payment terms, and any liabilities you might have for loss or damage of the rented machine. Read the agreement carefully and consult a lawyer before signing if you have any concerns.

You may also undergo operator training before leaving with your equipment. This service helps ensure the safety of your crew and the borrowed equipment. Once you are confident in your ability to control the machine, you will pick up your equipment or wait for it to be delivered to your job site so you can begin working.

Once you have completed your project, all you need to do is return the equipment to the provider. You can have them pick it up or drop it off yourself at an approved location.

Construction Equipment Renting Versus Buying

Renting may not be the best option for your operation if you use the equipment frequently. However, rental does come with a number of long-term advantages if you only need a specific machine occasionally. Renting costs significantly less than purchasing equipment outright, and it eliminates the costs associated with maintenance and storage. The ability to acquire specialized equipment temporarily can also allow you to win more varied contracts.

At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we serve construction teams across Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa, by providing responsive customer service and expertly maintained equipment from top brands. To learn how equipment rental could benefit your company, reach out to us today.