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How Does a Forced Air Heater Work?

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What Is a Forced Air Heating System? How Does a Portable Forced Air Furnace Work?

Rental forced air heaters, also known as fan-forced heaters, are compact, portable units that can blow heated air into an area. The fan propels the air over a heating element and into the surrounding environment, which is ideal for warming temporary site structures or thawing patches of frozen ground. Their mobility enables users to place them at targeted locations.

Forced Air Heating Pros and Cons

Using forced air heaters at job sites offers several benefits:

  • Speed: These units work quickly to deliver heated air in the desired area. Construction operations can use them to minimize unproductive downtime and keep their projects on schedule.
  • Ready to use: Portable forced air heaters don’t require an extensive setup or installation process, letting you save time and eliminate hassles at the job site.
  • Cost-effective: Most forced air heaters operate and consume fuel efficiently, resulting in relatively low operating costs. Nearly all the energy the unit produces enters the space as heat.

Potential forced air heating system disadvantages include:

  • Limited range: Depending on the model, it may not produce sufficient air output to heat a spacious facility or area.
  • Adequate ventilation required: Because these units burn fuel, the emissions can pose health hazards. They’re not a good choice for confined areas where exhaust fumes cannot escape.
  • Noise potential: While some of these heaters operate quietly, others may be too noisy to use in occupied sites like offices.

Forced Air Heating vs. Gas

Using a forced air heater does not necessarily mean you’re using gas heat. While many units run on natural gas, others take propane or kerosene for fuel. Diesel-powered options are also available, although they’re not the best choice for poorly ventilated areas.

Find the Right Forced Air Heating System for Your Applications

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