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Quick Tip Video – Proper Parking Technique for Cat® Equipment

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Proper equipment parking involves taking thorough steps to ensure the operator’s safety and the equipment’s function. Temperature, ground condition and engine heat all impact the right protocol for machine parking. By performing the proper equipment parking technique, you can get the most out of your investment.

Colin from Caterpillar® explains how to park heavy equipment properly in the below video:

The Importance of Proper Parking

Correct parking technique goes beyond shutting the machine down. The method you use to park your equipment will affect your:

  • Safety: When you use best practices to park your equipment, you’ll minimize the risk of any related accidents or injuries.
  • Equipment condition: Good parking techniques will keep your machines and attachments in working order for your next job.
  • Return on investment: By keeping your equipment in better condition through proper parking, you can maximize your return on investment for your machine.

How to Park Heavy Equipment Safely

Follow these tips to park your heavy machine properly.

Approach Slowly and Carefully

As you approach your parking location, reduce your engine speed. By slowing down during the parking process, you can gain better control of your equipment. Reducing the engine speed will also prevent an abrupt stop that could harm you or the machine.

Park in the Right Spot

Make sure you park your machine on level ground. When you’re working outdoors, pay attention to hills and bumps that could tilt the machine while it stays parked. You may need to search for a level area before you operate the machine for the best results.

Lower the Attachments

If you drive a machine with attachments, put them in the right position during parking. Lower your blade, then extend the stick and bucket. Then, lower the boom until the bucket rests on the ground. This process will keep the attachments secure while the machine stays parked.

Let the Machine Cool Down

Once you put your equipment in the right parking location, you need to shut it down properly. Disengage the hydraulic control system by raising the hydraulic control console. Then, run the engine at low idle for about five minutes to prevent overheating. Turn off the machine and move the controls to relieve any excess pressure.

Use Three Points of Contact When Exiting

As always, use three points of contact when you exit the cab. Support your body with at least two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand to dismount.

Parking Heavy Equipment in Cold Weather

When you’re parking in colder temperatures, you need to take extra measures to prevent the equipment from freezing to the ground. Protect your machine with these steps:

  • Park on wood planks: Keep the machine treads or tires from freezing to the ground by parking your equipment on wood planks.
  • Support attachments with wood blocks: When you’re lowering the attachments for parking, place wooden blocks between them and the ground to prevent freezing.

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