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Quick Tip Video — Warming up Your Cat® Equipment

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Proper equipment care happens through every step of operation. After you perform a walk-around inspection and start your machine, you need to warm it up for the best results. Every Cat machine has a cooling system that needs time to reach full function. Warming up your equipment will ensure that it stays at the right temperature during your job.

Colin from Caterpillar® explains how to warm up a Cat mini hydraulic excavator in today’s quick tip video:

How to Warm up a Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Respecting your machine’s warm-up routine involves these steps:

  • Let the engine warm up: After you start the machine, you can begin warming up the engine. Lower your engine speed control to idle to ease it into operation.
  • Check your systems: Once you have the engine warming up, you can examine the monitoring panel. Make sure all of your indicators show that you have properly working systems.
  • Start the hydraulics: Activate your hydraulic control system by lowering it. Before using the hydraulic system, you should also cycle it.
  • Cycle the work tools: Your equipment’s work tools need a thorough warm-up before you use them. Engage and disengage your work tool controls while having your engine at low, medium and high idle.
  • Run the attachments: Make sure that your attachments work as they should. Run the boom, stick, blade and bucket through a complete system to test their condition.

Extra Tips for Warming up Your Machine in the Cold

When the weather gets cold and snowy, you have more steps to take to ensure that your machine works properly. Follow these tips to keep your equipment in top shape during winter warm-ups:

  • Check the air cleaner before starting your machine. You can attach a burlap sack loosely to the precleaner when you’re working in heavy snow to protect the component.
  • During your warm-up, you can block the radiator to speed up the process. Blocking the radiator restricts air to the fan for a faster warm-up.
  • If your machine has a gasoline starting engine, look for moisture and dirt at every 50 service hours. Check for any abnormalities in the gas tank and the sediment bowl.

Benefits of Equipment Warm-Up

While you may feel tempted to skip these steps on a tight deadline, a warm-up routine will always improve your productivity and return on investment, providing the following benefits to you and your fleet:

  • Better equipment function: Your machines will complete their jobs more effectively when you warm them up before use.
  • Higher return on investment: Regular warm-ups will help you keep your equipment in good condition to lengthen its lifespan.
  • Proactive maintenance: By checking for issues during the warm-up process, you can catch small issues before they turn into more expensive ones.

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