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Quick Tip Video — Customizing Your Cat® Advanced Display Screen (ADS) Settings

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Cat Advanced Display Screen (ADS) technology puts maximum equipment control at your fingertips. This interface shows vital information about your machine and lets you manage multiple features. With ADS, you can customize your fleet operations to suit each operator’s experience level and job. ADS also gives you the power to change your equipment’s advanced settings.

This quick tip video from Caterpillar® explains how to customize your ADS features:

ADS Operator Settings

Press the last button on the right below the ADS screen to access system settings. You can then push the buttons below their corresponding arrows on the screen to browse your setting options. Your ADS settings may vary based on the model you use, so check your operations manual if you need further guidance. ADS will let you control equipment settings such as:

  • Drive joystick sensitivity: Change the drive joystick sensitivity to a level you feel comfortable with. You can choose from three different levels of sensitivity through the settings menu.
  • Creep control: ADS includes 20 different creep setting increments to give you maximum control over your speed in jobs that need high RPM. Creep control will let you match your speed to your work tool’s performance.
  • Top-end speed limitation: Save resources and increase job safety by setting a top speed limit for your equipment. ADS will let you choose your maximum speed on percentage-based and speed-based settings.
  • Backup camera: The settings menu will also let you change your backup camera’s default display. It will always activate when you put the gear in reverse, but you can adjust it to a full- or half-screen display.
  • Language and measurement units: Operators with a wide range of display preferences will benefit from language and measurement unit customization. Choose from one of six languages for better operator comfort and confidence. Set the display’s measurement units to English or metric units for precise operation.
  • Gauge styles and background colors: Choose from four gauge styles and four background colors to customize your display’s appearance.

Master Code Holder Settings

Each ADS system can hold up to 50 different operator codes that remember specific settings and operation parameters. These numbers work as security passwords that will give each of your operators access to the machine. They’ll also allow your team to start operating faster by holding critical settings. As an exclusive Cat technology, the ADS provides security and flexibility like no other display.

Supervisors who have access to the system’s master code will receive even more advanced features. They can check operator-specific equipment performance to find opportunities for training and troubleshoot issues. Combined with Cat Connect technology, ADS operator codes give fleet leaders rich equipment data.

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