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Guide to Using Heavy Equipment for Demolition and Deconstruction

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Every industry has standard tools that perform specific tasks. Demolition equipment accomplishes a wide range of jobs, including knocking down, removing and replacing materials. NMC Cat offers insight into the general guidelines for finding and using a demolition machine.

Learn more about the equipment used in demolition and how to find the ideal machines for your project.

Types of Equipment Used in Demolition

Each machine has a specific function on your demolition site. Some important types of demolition equipment include:


These are the most common demolition machines on construction sites. Excavators are powerful, steady and efficient. They consist of a cab, boom, dipper and bucket. You can use excavators for tasks such as demolishing mixed-material walls and removing debris while keeping employees at a safe distance from the site.

Material Handlers

Material handlers are hydraulic machines that can grab fallen debris and remove it from the site. They have a long arm and hydraulic grips, and the operator has a wide range of vision.

Wrecking Balls

Wrecking balls are one of the less-used items in the construction industry, but they are still well-recognized. The pear-shaped form helps them knock down and loosen material from high areas. Wrecking balls are a safe way to demolish buildings while keeping workers on the ground.


Hammers are usually hand-operated tools. These powerful devices break up strong materials like concrete, brick and stone. They are versatile and can be mounted on external booms, excavators and more.

Skid Steer Loaders

These compact machines serve a wide range of tasks and work with many different attachments. Skid steer loaders are ideal for small sites where you still need power.


A crane is used for high-level demolition projects. Cranes can have attachments such as wrecking balls, buckets and hydraulic claws to reach high areas safely. The operator sits in the cab and works from the ground.


Dozers are some of the most powerful machines on any construction site. They are mostly used for pushing large piles of material. They have a large blade at the front, propelled by the hydraulic pistons in the machine’s rear.

Tips for Determining Which Equipment You’ll Need

Your project can run smoothly with the right equipment. When choosing your machinery, consider these factors:

  • Working height: Find out the maximum height of the site you are demolishing. This measurement will help you determine if you need high-reaching equipment.
  • Ground conditions: Before you start working, check the ground conditions with an engineer. The ground’s weight capacity and security will impact which equipment is safe to use on-site.
  • Attachments: Research which attachments will work for your project and ensure you have them readily available.
  • Size: Always make sure you can safely use the attachment within a safe working distance. If you have to extend a crane or excavator’s arm fully, you might need to get a larger version.

When you pay attention to those aspects, you can narrow your search for the right tool.

Learn More From NMC Cat

Depending on a project’s needs, you can employ one or more of the machines listed above. Finding the right tools for the job can improve your productivity and help you complete your work easily. Contact NMC Cat to learn more about our demo equipment and find the best fit for your operation.