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Coming Changes in the On-Highway Truck Market

Category: Equipment and Solutions

While it doesn’t seem that flying trucks are hitting the market anytime soon, there are still some big changes coming our way over the next few years. The importance of the on-highway trucking industry to our nation’s economy means that manufacturers and legislators alike are looking for new ways to increase efficiency of commercial trucks to make them cleaner and consume less fuel.

Here at NMC, we’ve been a leading Nebraska commercial truck repair and service specialist since 1938. We’ve seen the industry change and are always watching for what’s next. These are a few of the changes we see coming that we can help your business prepare for:

  • Increasing fuel mileage: While a lot of the pressure for increased fuel mileage falls on the shoulders of the on-highway truck manufacturers, you can do your part in optimizing the performance of your trucks and ensuring that they’re running clean and efficiently.
  • More complex transmissions: As transmissions get smarter, they also get more complex. Additional gears and CVT designs mean on-highway truck transmissions require more and more regular and preventative maintenance to run reliably and efficiently.
  • Advanced drivetrain fluids: Reduced-viscosity engine and transmission fluids can help reduce friction and extend the life of new trucks as well as improve fuel economy. Work continues to perfect on-highway truck fluids, and we can expect new synthetic grades and blends over the next few years.
  • Powertrain advances: We’re hearing more and more about advanced diesel on-highway engines that include various levels of hybridization and electrification coming to market soon. These new technologies will allow you to run longer between fill-ups and save on fuel over the long run.

Here at NMC, we’re proud to be the trusted service and repair partner for on-highway truck customers across Nebraska. We have six locations to serve you better and are continually watching for what’s coming next. Our expert technicians are constantly being trained on new technologies and equipment so we can service your entire fleet, including your newest on-highway truck purchase.

It’s an exciting time to be in the trucking business, so contact our team today if you’d like to learn more about the coming changes in the on-highway truck market. We can discuss how these changes affect the future of the industry and create a service and maintenance plan that keeps your current fleet of trucks running reliably and efficiently.