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The Future of Diesel Mechanics Careers

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Wondering if diesel mechanics are still in demand? The answer is a resounding yes. The need for diesel mechanics shows zero signs of slowing down, with the career expected to grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030. While the role continues to focus on providing optimal maintenance, repairs and service to diesel engines, it’s undergone a shift due to new technologies, an aging workforce and increased focus on eco-friendly performance.

This article will detail why diesel has a competitive advantage over gasoline, why the demand for diesel mechanics is increasing and why you should consider a future career in this growing field. Learn more about the bright future a diesel mechanic career has to offer right here.

The Advantages of Diesel

The advantages of diesel over gasoline make a career as a diesel mechanic a great choice. Diesel engines outperform gas engines in numerous categories, making them the preferred choice for industrial use. Some of these categories include:

  • Safety: Diesel is much less flammable than gasoline, making it a safer option for commercial vehicles with larger fuel tanks.
  • Flexibility: While gasoline engines require extensive changes to run different fuel types, diesel engines can accept other fuels and fuel blends with minimum modifications.
  • Efficiency: Diesel engines convert a higher percentage of the energy in their fuel into usable power than gasoline engines can.
  • Emissions: While diesel fuel contains slightly more carbon than gasoline, diesel engines produce less carbon dioxide when running because they burn less fuel to achieve the same performance.

As companies continue to search for cleaner, safer and more efficient vehicles and machines, the need for diesel engines and diesel mechanics will continue to grow.

Why Is the Demand for Diesel Mechanics Growing?

The need for diesel mechanics is growing, and experts predict an 8% increase in job openings over the next 10 years. While the advantages of diesel over gasoline influence the demand for diesel mechanics, there are numerous other contributing factors. The top four reasons for this job expansion include driverless trucks, an aging workforce, the need for efficient engines and technological advances.


In 10 years, driverless trucks could be a staple on roadways across the U.S. Some companies, like Daimler, have already launched semi-autonomous trucks, while Caterpillar has developed driverless trucks for mining operations, which are in use in Australia. For diesel mechanics, this shift to automation translates to changes in your responsibilities. Now, you’ll also expand your knowledge of vehicle electronics, which are an essential component in driverless vehicles.


As more baby boomers retire, many skilled trade industries are experiencing severe worker shortages. This trend is also affecting diesel mechanic careers. Analysts predict that there will be about 28,100 new job openings for diesel mechanics each year for the next 10 years to replace workers who will be retiring. This demand is excellent news for those looking for work as a diesel mechanic. Companies are also introducing partnership and scholarship programs to match the increased need for diesel mechanics.


As noted above, a diesel engine offers several benefits over a gasoline-powered vehicle, including improved durability, safety and fuel efficiency. In fact, diesel engines can convert 45 to 50% of fuel energy to power, outclassing the 30% posted by gasoline engines. The demand for more efficient diesel engines is growing. As a result, more companies and manufacturers are looking toward equipping their vehicles or machinery with a diesel engine, again supporting the increased demand for diesel mechanics.


For years, trucks and machinery have featured computers. The exponential growth of technology, however, has driven the role of computers in vehicles and equipment. Now, diesel mechanics or technicians are spending 40% of their time on a laptop or tablet, analyzing the performance of a diesel engine and modifying its operations, or they’re working on the vehicle’s internal computer. It’s a shift that’s transitioned the career into one that’s appealing to those with a knack for computers, plus machinery.

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