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Used Track Loaders for Sale

If you want to boost your productivity and increase your options on the job site, used track loaders are often the perfect solution. They are more powerful than their compact counterparts, offering similar wide-reaching capabilities with more capacity and height. With the help of attachments, track loaders can accomplish a range of tasks, such as drilling, breaking, compacting and material handling.

Track loaders are an excellent investment for many businesses, but buying new isn't for everyone. There are many benefits of buying used machines, and if you're looking to buy used track loaders for sale in Omaha, the state of Nebraska or Council Bluffs, Iowa, NMC Cat is proud to be your trusted Cat® dealer.


Preowned Track Loaders for Sale

When buying a piece of used equipment, you want to reduce the risk you take on. Lower costs, reliable machinery and trustworthy dealers are all important factors in making a safe investment, and we can help you find all three:

  • Better value: Used equipment depreciates less quickly, and its lower cost helps boost the value your business gets from the purchase. A preowned track loader provides similar functionality to a new one but at a much lower cost.
  • Reliability: Cat tools are known for their long-lasting durability and performance. Used Cat machinery is popular because these pieces of equipment hold value well with impressive longevity. 
  • Expert support: NMC Cat offers support services from expert technicians and knowledgeable representatives to help you minimize downtime long after the sale.

Take advantage of these factors and boost your productivity with a full-sized used track loader that meets your job applications. 

Buy Cat Certified Used Track Loaders

If you need another layer of trustworthiness for your purchase, we also offer Cat Certified Used track loaders that have been given a seal of approval due to exceptional quality. They are selected from low-mile machines, thoroughly inspected for damage and functionality, and serviced to a high standard.

A Cat Certified Used track loader can take even more risk out of the equation. These machines also come with a robust Cat warranty and often have thorough maintenance records, so you can feel confident in your purchase. 

See Available Used Track Loaders From NMC Cat

If you're looking to buy used track loaders for sale in Nebraska and the nearby area of Council Bluffs, Iowa, NMC Cat can help. We carry a wide range of used track loaders in various models, conditions, years and price points to fit the needs of your work. 

NMC Cat is also staffed by experts who can help you with your used track loader with flexible financing options and an array of services — including preventive maintenance and in-field assistance — to help you find everything you need for your next job. 

Browse our online selection of preowned track loaders for sale, and call us at 800-628-6025 if you have any questions.