Battery Maintenance

Battery efficiency is essential to the effectiveness of your Cat® machine. The advantage of using batteries from Caterpillar® is that they’re specifically designed to offer a longer life while requiring less maintenance to stay in good shape.

That said, Cat batteries still need service and inspections from time to time. NMC Cat offers support for all your general and premium batteries by providing ongoing battery maintenance. Our services will help improve the longevity of your batteries, saving money and keeping your equipment active for longer.


Services We Offer

We’ll handle all your maintenance needs so that you can focus on operating each piece of equipment at its full capacity every day. Some of the battery maintenance services we offer include:

  • Inspection: Checking for signs of damage, contamination and corrosion can help us catch issues that may need to be addressed early on. Loose terminals and contaminated electrolytes can lower power efficiency fast.
  • Cleaning: Keeping your battery clean is one of the most important aspects of regular maintenance. If a machine is weak or having a hard time starting, its battery may just need a thorough cleaning.
  • Preventative maintenance: We can charge batteries, maintain their electrolyte levels, add water and more to extend their service life. In addition, we can test your battery’s capacity to make sure it’s properly fit to support your applications.

Contact Us for Your Battery Maintenance

If you think your machine’s batteries could use a boost, we’ll conduct an inspection and take care of the necessary maintenance. Schedule service now by reaching out to your local dealer.

For our customers, we remain open to serve you; however, we are temporarily limiting access at all locations to employees only. 
For parts customers, we will be providing a curbside pickup option at many of our facilities. We encourage you to call your local NMC location or use our online services to order parts or schedule service.
 While these are challenging times, we’ll continue to make the decisions that best support you and our team. Please visit this page for more information.