Steel Trench Box for Rent

At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we offer a variety of rental trench boxes to keep utility workers safe. Our steel trenching safety equipment is ideal for many applications and industries that require underground work, including mining, construction, tank installation, excavation, nuclear plants, groundwater removal, emergency response and more.

Trench boxes are essential structures that allow workers to be underground while providing them with a protective shield designed to offer protection from cave-ins. They also feature walls of varying thickness depending on the project environment.

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Benefits of a Steel Trench Box for Rent

The most important feature of a steel trench box is the security and safety it offers workers. Due to factors like soil composition, dampness, trench depth and more, all trenches eventually cave in, which can cause injury or even death if workers are present.

Using a steel trench box will help keep workers safe and will give time to evacuate in the event of a cave-in. Other benefits and features of a steel trench box rental include:

  • Cost-effective: Renting provides long-term cost savings for short-term projects.
  • Enhanced stability: Trench boxes make the trench more stable and durable, providing employees with peace of mind so they can work with confidence.
  • Maximum durability: The strength of steel combined with a solid, welded construction results in a high level of durability, making steel trench boxes ideal for long jobs in adverse environments.
  • Versatile: Steel trench boxes can handle many varieties of ground composition as well as any stressors that the area may be subject to.
  • Added features: Some models feature shelving built into the walls for tool storage.
  • Exceeds standards: Our steel trench box options exceed government safety standards.

Steel Rental Trenching Safety Equipment Available From NMC The Cat Rental Store

At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we have a wide range of steel trench box options available for rent. We offer the Safe-T-Shore brand, and our in-stock models include the HT6-820, HT6-824, MHXLDW-810 and MHXLDW-88. We also carry XLD models 1016, 1020, 416, 420, 812, 816, 820 and 824. Each model has unique height and depth specifications, and the experts at NMC The Cat Rental Store can calculate exactly which model will be the best fit for your trenching safety needs.

At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we handle the delivery, installation and setup of the trench, and we will provide any service or maintenance that may be needed for the duration of your rental. When your rental period has ended, we will remove and haul away the trench box.

Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Factory-trained field and shop technicians
  • Professional and knowledgeable customer service staff
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Customer Support Agreements (CSAs)
  • And more

NMC The Cat Rental Store has been the authorized Cat® dealer for Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa for more than 80 years. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with whatever your trench project needs may be. Visit one of our convenient in-store locations to take a look at our inventory. For more information about our services, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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