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NMC The Cat Rental Store: Your Source for Rental Equipment in Omaha

Heavy equipment is the lifeblood of construction companies and many other businesses in Omaha and throughout Nebraska. Regardless of your industry, NMC The Cat® Rental Store can provide a productive, cost-effective heavy equipment rental that will help your projects move forward and give you a competitive edge. We’re your one-stop headquarters for heavy equipment rentals and whatever else it takes to get the job done.

When your Omaha business needs equipment, a rental is often a wise choice. It doesn’t require a sizable investment, one that may take your company years to pay off. A rental is a great choice to meet your equipment needs for many reasons, including:

  • Your machine may be undergoing repair or maintenance and you need a unit to take its place while it’s out of commission
  • You might be looking to increase your borrowing power while reducing your balance sheet liabilities
  • You need an equipment solution for a one-time project
  • You’re looking to expand your services and want to make sure the equipment is financially viable for your company before committing to a purchase

Whatever your reasons for pursuing equipment rental, rest assured NMC The Cat Rental Store has you covered. Our Omaha equipment rental service offers:

  • Flexible rental terms — rent for a day, a week or a month
  • Competitive pricing
  • Delivery to your facility or work site
  • Machinery expert maintained by our dedicated staff of technicians
  • Fast turnaround times that will allow you to have what you need as soon as you need it
  • Read on to learn more about what we offer and why our rental equipment is an excellent choice for your company

Other Support Services Available With Our Heavy Equipment Rentals

At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we believe a consultative approach to renting equipment serves our customers’ best interests. We’re available to provide training to ensure your crews know how to use the machine productively and safely. Besides enabling you to keep your projects on schedule, you’ll reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident as well.

We also offer an assortment of flexible financing options to make renting more affordable. If you’d like to own your rental in the future, our budget-friendly rent-to-purchase programs can meet your needs. Paperless invoicing is available to help you manage your account more efficiently and give you a secure method to make your payments electronically. Some equipment also comes with advanced machine control technology to bolster job site performance.

Top-Quality Equipment will Improve Your Production

Our Omaha equipment rental company offers quality machines, world-renowned for their build, strength, durability and innovative features. All of the equipment we carry is manufactured by top brands for performance you can count on.

We have long maintained a reputation for offering excellent equipment, equipment that can help your staff complete their work in a timely, efficient manner. A high-quality machine will help you to minimize downtime and increase productivity to further grow your business.

Equipment Available for Rent in Omaha, NE

Whatever your Omaha company’s needs, you’re sure to find a matching machine for rent at NMC The Cat Rental Store. We can assist you in selecting your rental equipment if you’re not sure what you need, and we offer a wide range of machines capable of completing tasks across a variety of industries.

All of our equipment is expertly maintained by our team of dedicated technicians and ready to use as soon as it arrives on your site. They have expert knowledge of all our rental machines and can advise you on proper handling and safety related to the equipment.


You can also purchase used rental equipment from us as it retires from our rental fleet, which will afford your company many benefits:

  • Cost savings: Brand new equipment is expensive, and its value can depreciate by as much as 40% in the first year after purchase. For buyers, used equipment is a well-priced solution for buying a machine that expands their capabilities.
  • Guaranteed quality: Because rental equipment usually “retires” from the fleet after only a few years, used rental machines still have a lot of life left, complete with lower operating hours and limited wear and tear. These machines also feature many of the advanced technologies that provide enhanced performance and on-site safety.
  • Meticulous maintenance: At NMC The Cat Rental Store, we meticulously maintain all of our rental equipment to keep our machines in the top condition you expect. When you buy used rental equipment from us, you will also receive all of the machine’s service records, including oil changes, hours of use, inspections and other essential information that rounds out its complete history.
  • Reliable service: We will maintain and repair the used rental equipment you purchase from us for as long as you own the machine. Because of our experience working on your equipment, we have in-depth knowledge of the model and its requirements, allowing us to service it with exceptional speed and accuracy.


NMC The Cat Rental Store has worked with a long list of Omaha businesses to provide rental equipment solutions that are durable, cost-effective and convenient. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company with its rental equipment needs.