PMC-R Roof Support Control



Technical Specifications
Benefits and Features

The intrinsically-safe Cat® PMC-R control units are used on shearer or plow faces to provide medium to high level of longwall automation. Each Roof Support needs to be equipped with one PMC-R control unit and a solenoid driver to operate the in-shield hydraulic functions and a set of peripheral components, like sensors for pressures and shield advance. The PMC-R can control and display all functions of a shield and is simultaneously the interface between operator and machine (HMI). The PMC-R system can control all individual shield functions based on a reliable network. As an interactive system, it allows the user to execute single shield functions as well as automatic functions. Important process values are continuously displayed as feedback for the operator.

Operating System µITRON RTOS
Processor 16Bit Microcontroller TMP91CW12AF, 27MHz, internal RAM 4Kbytes, ROM 125Kbytes
RAM Memory 2Mbytes CMOS Static RAM, 4Mbytes Flash
Global Certifications
Types (2) U.S.: MSHA
Types (6) Russia: GOST
Types (3) More certifications on demand
Types (5) China: MA
Types (1) Europe: ATEX
Types (4) Australia: IECEx, ANZEx
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage - Maximum Ratings 9.5 V - 13.2 V
Supply Current - Maximum Ratings 2 A
Supply Current - Typical Value 1 A
Supply Voltage - Typical Value 12 V DC
Environmental Data
Temperature - Typical Value 68 °F
Temperature - Maximum Ratings -20° C - +40° C (-4° F - +140° F)
Temperature - Symbol Tamb
Dimensions (Approximate) - Front View of the PMC-R
Width 7.01 in
Length 12.6 in
Height 4.57 in
Dimensions (Approximate) - Rear Side View of the PMC-R
Length 12.6 in
Width 7.01 in
Height 4.57 in
Dimensions (Approximate) - Solenoid Driver Module
Width 2.68 in
Length 13.66 in
Height 1.46 in
Pin Assignment of Solenoid Driver Module Type SD1
Sockets S301-S306 - Pin 1 12 V
Sockets S301-S306 - Pin 2 (Solenoid 1) GND1
Socket S101 - Pin 1 12 V
Sockets S307-S311 - Pin 4 0 - 1 mA; 0.5 - 4.5 V
Sockets S307-S311 - Pin 1 12 V
Sockets S301-S306 - Pin 4 GND
Socket S101 - Pin 3 (Solenoid 2) RX
Sockets S301-S306 - Pin 3 (Solenoid 2) GND2
Socket S101 - Pin 2 (Solenoid 1) TX
Sockets S307-S311 - Pin 2 (Solenoid 1) GND1
Sockets S307-S311 - Pin 3 (Solenoid 2) GND2


  • Robust design (SKK24 sockets, hose cables, steel housing)
  • IP 68 rating (48 hr @ 1 m [3.28 ft] under water)
  • Separate emergence and lock switch
  • HMI with 30 multi feedback keys (sound, pressure point, led light)
  • Two (2) line LCD graphical display
  • Multi language support
  • Maintainability (brass bar mounting, screws from the front)
  • Integrated infrared
  • Up to three (3) separate solenoid driver modules

Main Features PMC-R Control System

  • “Distributed Intelligence in each shield”
  • Wide range of sensors and multiple solenoid drivers
  • Easy diagnosis through communication between PMC®-R controls
  • Various auto sequences
  • Automated conveyor push modes
  • Conveyor pullback functions
  • Automated water spray functions
  • Outrigger steering for conveyor steering (mostly plow faces)
  • Automation of:

- Block anchorage - Flipper - Sliding canopy - Gap shield - Several steering cylinder automation modes dependent on roof conditions

Peripheral Equipment

  • Solenoid Driver Board (minimum one per Roof Support)
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Reed Rod
  • Proximity Switch
  • IR Transmitter and Sensor
  • LED Warning Light
  • IS Power Supply
  • Diverse Data Coupler
  • 3D-Tilt Sensor and 3D-Tilt Monitor
  • Double Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Driver Module

  • The PMC-R solenoid driver module is placed at a distance from the PMC-R in accordance with the modular concept.
  • The solenoid driver module can activate up to 22 valve functions, additional lights and sound modules or relays. As well, additional sensors could be read in by the solenoid driver module.
  • All connectors OS4 type

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