Parts Return Policy

NMC Cat Parts Return Policy

Parts or merchandise purchased from one of NMC’s facilities that are returned for credit will be subject to the following policy. The following criteria will be used to determine if credit will be allowed and how much, if any, restocking fee will apply. The original supplier’s return goods policy will have the greatest impact on our decisions concerning parts returnability.

Unneeded parts can be returned, freight prepaid, to your nearest NMC location where they will be processed withing 24 hours of receipt subject to the following terms and conditions.

Credit will be issued for new parts in resalable condition as follows:

  1. Stock parts, (Returnable or Non-Returnable) returned within 90 days of purchase will receive full credit.
  2. Stock parts, (Returnable or Non-Returnable) returned 91 to 365 days from date of purchase will be subject to a 10% restocking charge.
  3. Stock parts, (Returnable or Non-Returnable) OVER 365 days from date of purchase are not eligible for credit.
  4. Non-stock (Returnable) parts which are returned to us within 365 days will be subject to a 15% restocking charge.
  5. Non-stock (Returnable) parts which are returned to us beyond 365 days are not eligible for credit.
  6. Non-Stock (Non-Returnable) parts returned are not eligible for credit.
  7. Reman core charges must be returned within 6 months of purchase after which the entitlement will be lost, and no credit given.
  8. Freight charges are not refundable unless they are incurred due to an error on the part of Nebraska Machinery Company

These fees can be amended with management approval when justified. Parts receiving no credit should be removed from the credit, set aside, and held for not less than 30 days after notification of our customer concerning disposition. After this period of time the disposition of these parts will be at our discretion.

Non-Returnable Parts

Credits will NOT be issued for new non-stock (non-returnable) * parts as follows:

Some parts are not returnable to NMC. These parts can deteriorate with age, be internally damaged with no external evidence of damage, or are easily contaminated which renders them useless. Listed below are some of the more common items.

  1. All gaskets
  2. All O-ring seals
  3. Bulk hose and hydraulic hose assemblies
  4. Gasket kits or repair kits which have been opened.
  5. Any part that has the protective coating removed.
  6. Any part that has been installed and then removed.
  7. Any part marked and sealed by the manufacturer and the seal is broken.
  8. All bearings or fuel injection nozzles removed from the protective packaging or not in the original container.
  9. Batteries that have been activated or date stamped.

Return Requirements

All parts must be checked against your customer account to ensure original purchase from NMC Cat. In order to process timely returns and prevent discrepancies, the following list is required for all parts returns:

  1. Parts returned must be accompanied by a NMC Cat invoice or packing list
  2. All parts returned must be in the original packaging in like new condition

*For Parts Purchased Through

In addition to the terms of this policy, you will be required to pay a minimum handling charge of 15% of the net invoice price paid of any parts returned to This is to cover costs related to processing returns to the storefront and will be deducted from your credit invoice. These costs include, but are not limited to, inspection of returned parts, identification, cleaning, processing of the credit documents, returning parts to suppliers, disruption to normal inventory levels, and carrying costs. Additional charges may apply for fuel surcharge or other special circumstances.

Additional eligibility criteria may be set at any time by Original shipping and handling charges from are not refundable.