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Oil filters are critical to the operation of construction machines and other equipment. At NMC Cat, we offer oil filters for a variety of equipment types, all available through our convenient online ordering platform.

Types of Oil Filters

Cat® machines come in many different sizes and feature various engines, including the C7, C10, C12, C13 and C15 models. For these engine types, there are a few efficiency levels you can decide between for your oil filter:

  • Standard efficiency: These filters will help remove contaminants and keep your oil free of debris during the prescribed period between oil changes. Standard efficiency filters are highly cost-effective.
  • Advanced efficiency: This type of filter provides more contamination control along with debris removal. You will typically use advanced efficiency oil filters in equipment with stricter emissions requirements.
  • Ultra-high efficiency: Benefit from even more control of contamination with ultra-high efficiency filters. You will likely want to choose this type of filter for equipment you use daily or in dusty environments. You might also use this type of filter as a system clean-out after equipment service.

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Benefits of Oil Filters

Using genuine Cat oil filters comes with numerous benefits. Along with being high-quality and built to last, OEM Cat oil filters are designed to fit multiple types of Cat engines, allowing people with various kinds of equipment the ability to take advantage of their cleaning capability. Some other benefits of Cat filters include:

  • Maximum cleanliness: No matter which Cat filter you choose, they are built to keep your oil as clean as possible.
  • Better performance: When you use an oil filter from NMC Cat, know that it’s designed to make your machine perform at its best.
  • Reduction of downtime: Oil filters from Caterpillar can help you maintain machine health and keep downtime to a minimum.

Advantages of Buying From NMC Cat

At NMC Cat, we price our top-of-the-line oil filters competitively. Our top priority is to help get these parts to you as quickly as possible, maximizing your efficiency at the job site.

We also offer extensive maintenance and repair services for machines, parts and attachments. Our team is here to help guide you to finding the right oil filter for your application. The NMC Cat team strives to offer only the best parts, customer service and maintenance measures.

You can order the oil filters or any other equipment parts you need on our website too, which comes with benefits like:

  • Choose what you want quickly: When you can see every oil filter choice laid out in front of you, you can read about each and order the one you think will work best at your convenience.
  • Check out safely: You can order from our online platform with confidence knowing we maintain comprehensive security measures for keeping your private data safe.
  • View and compare products: With online ordering, you have the opportunity to compare all of our oil filters to see which one will best fit your applications.

Choose NMC Cat for Your Next Oil Filter

At NMC Cat, we provide the best products and services to all of our clients. We value your trust in us and want to ensure you get the parts you need to increase efficiency at your job site and keep your fleet at its best. Browse our oil filter inventory today or contact NMC Cat online for more information.

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