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Hydraulic cylinder seals are essential to the functioning of any machine that gets its power from a hydraulic system. When you need cylinder seals to support that system, choose one of the best names in the business by looking for seals from Caterpillar. We offer several seal types that come with a variety of benefits to help you succeed on the job.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Parts We Carry

At NMC Cat, we understand the vitality of keeping your hydraulic system in working order. It’s a critical part of your machine that needs to run correctly for the equipment to perform as intended. We offer several types of hydraulic cylinder seals to help accomplish this goal, including:

  • Cat® Seal Kit (Bucket Cylinder): This kit provides O-rings, a buffer seal, a piston seal, a U-cup seal, backup rings and a wear ring. All of these products are usable for the bucket cylinder.
  • Buffer seals: Cat buffer seals come in both Type C and Type D, with various sizes available. A buffer seal operates as a secondary seal for the rod in case of a sudden pressure increase.
  • Head seals: These seals also come in a variety of types, including O-rings that help resist wear for system longevity. We can provide over 2,500 different O-rings for various machines and applications.
  • Piston seals: Caterpillar offers over 200 types of piston seals in multiple boring diameters, widths and shapes.
  • Wiper seals: NMC Cat also provides wiper seals to help keep contaminants from entering the hydraulic system. Several types, widths and diameters of wiper seals are available.
  • U-cup rod seals: These come in materials such as rubber or plastic. They act as the primary seal for a rod to keep hydraulic oil in place.

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Benefits of Ordering Premium Hydraulic Products

Maintaining your hydraulic equipment with genuine Cat parts can help your fleet by:

  • Extending your components’ life span.
  • Increasing your time between oil changes.
  • Making the hydraulics system more efficient.
  • Decreasing downtime and service costs.
  • Preventing leaks and contamination in your hydraulics system.

What You Get When You Partner With NMC Cat

At NMC Cat, you can find high-quality hydraulic cylinder seals and other parts at competitive prices. Keep your equipment at peak performance levels by using genuine Cat components. When you order from NMC Cat online, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Compare hydraulic system products: With our ordering platform, you can view several products on your screen at one time to see the benefits, features and applications of each.
  • Complete safe transactions: When you use the NMC Cat website, you can securely enter your information and check out, knowing our teams take steps to protect your data.
  • Decide what you need quickly: With every choice in front of you, you can easily choose the products best for your applications with minimal hassle.
  • Ask for help: If you run into questions about the products or the website, navigate to our contact page with ease and let us know what you need.

Choose NMC Cat for Hydraulic Cylinder Components

When you’re ready to find hydraulic cylinder seals and related parts in Nebraska or Pottawattamie County, Iowa, choose NMC Cat. Our teams will discuss your needs with you and provide exceptional service to ensure you have what it takes to keep your equipment running strong.

Browse through our hydraulic cylinder seal products today or get in touch with our pros to learn more.

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