Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

Ground engaging tools take the brunt of the force when you complete work like digging, excavating or grading. Find the GET tools you need to complete your job at NMC Cat.

Types of GET

When you have numerous job types to complete, you need various ground engaging tools, including:

  • Adapters: These go on bucket teeth to assist with soil penetration. You can use them on numerous machine types for jobs in industries like mining or construction.
  • Cutting edges: You can get cutting edges for motor graders and scrapers in multiple sizes, shapes and thickness levels. You can choose either curved or flat cutting edges to suit your application.
  • Dozer blades: These enhance the penetration and groundbreaking ability of your bulldozer. They are often compatible with other GET as well.
  • Sidebars and edge protectors: This type of GET works to reduce the effects of impact and wear, which can help extend the life span of your equipment.
  • Tips: Another tool to assist bucket penetration capability, tips can also absorb any shock, preventing it from damaging the machine.
  • Wear parts: There are various wear protection parts, including wear buttons, roll bars, chocky bars and wear blocks.

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Benefits of GET

Using GET on your machinery can provide multiple advantages, including:

  • Prolonged life span: GET are designed to help protect and extend the life span of your most valuable equipment.
  • Increased capability: These tools can help make your machines more capable so they can take on tougher jobs.
  • Added protection: GET absorb impact during use, helping to protect your equipment and its internal components.
  • Greater efficiency: These products help increase productivity at your job site because of all the ways they enhance your equipment.
  • Reduced repair time: When tools need service, you can simply remove them instead of having to service or replace large components of your machine, shortening the time it takes to get back to work.
  • Enhanced versatility: Numerous types of ground engaging tools are available to suit a wide range of machines and applications.

Advantages of Partnering With NMC Cat

NMC Cat provides high-quality GET and other equipment tools at competitive prices. We’ll work to get your tools to you quickly, allowing you to streamline your workflow and keep projects moving. We also provide several maintenance services for machines, equipment and attachments.

With our online ordering platform, you can browse our entire inventory from wherever you’re located. Benefits of shopping with us online include:

  • Search and compare: Using our platform, you can view all of the GET available in our inventory and compare them to find the tool that fits your needs.
  • Check out safely: Ordering GET and other equipment from NMC Cat is secure and efficient because we take all the right steps to ensure your information remains private.
  • Request assistance: If you have any questions after viewing our products online, you can easily reach out to our expert team for answers.

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At NMC Cat, you will find the best GET products and services, all backed by a supportive team of experts. Our main goal is to ensure you have access to everything you need to get the job done. Browse our GET inventory today or contact NMC Cat online for more information.

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