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The cab is a vital part of your construction equipment, as it allows an operator to use the machine safely and comfortably. Because it sees so much use, however, it undergoes a significant amount of wear and tear. At NMC Cat, we understand the importance of maintaining or replacing the cab as a machine ages, so we carry several products to help you achieve this successfully.

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Upgrade Cab Assemblies

On older machinery, you might choose to replace your entire cab rather than trying to find and fit new components separately. Caterpillar currently offers two plug-and-play cab types that come fully assembled and ready for placement upon arrival. Features of these upgrade — otherwise known as “retrofit” — cabs include:

  • Newest control modules and technology
  • Similar appearance to models currently in production
  • Standard air conditioning
  • Comfortable seats with three-point harnesses
  • Buddy seats
  • B-Series console
  • Worldwide availability

Since everything comes packaged in one, these units are significantly more cost-effective than a rebuild using separate components. Retrofit cabs are compatible with several large off-highway trucks and the 988 Wheel Loader.

Cab Parts

Depending on your circumstances and use patterns, you may only need to update a few components in a machine’s cab to revitalize it. We offer numerous replacement components for your cab, such as:

  • Heating and air conditioning: If you need to update your cab’s air conditioning and heating system, NMC Cat has several parts available. We carry everything from water valve kits to heat coil assemblies and refrigerant compressors.
  • Insulation: When you need to add new insulation components, shop our online parts platform to order sound suppression products.
  • Mirrors: Whether you need a new mirror, mount brackets, arm assemblies or all of the above, we have every part available at NMC Cat.
  • Panels: If you need new sound suppression panels or cover panels, get genuine Cat® units for the best quality.
  • Windows and glass: Call us for window striker or latch assemblies or the window glass itself.
  • Windshield wipers and washers: We have arm and cap assemblies and hardware kits to restore the function of this safety feature.

Advantages of Purchasing Cab Parts From NMC Cat

Buying a replacement cab or new cab components from NMC Cat has numerous benefits. We provide premium replacement parts and cab assemblies for your machinery at competitive prices. Using our straightforward online ordering platform, you will experience advantages like:

  • Product comparisons: Look at several variations of the cab parts you need to determine which will suit your equipment and application.
  • Quick decisions: View our full in-stock inventory to find the products you need and order them at your convenience.
  • Payment security: Our website employs comprehensive security measures to protect your personal data.
  • Easy assistance: You can always reach out via our contact page to learn more about cab replacements or parts from our expert team.

Order Upgrade Cabs and Cab Parts With Ease

Reliable cabs enhance operator safety and allow you to work in numerous conditions. For cab upgrade replacements or other components in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, or Nebraska, choose NMC Cat.

Our team will discuss our needs with you to ensure we understand and are ready to meet them, and we’ll be there for ongoing support, equipment maintenance and repair services long after the sale.

Take a look at our cab inventory online today or contact us for more information.

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