Brakes are the components that slow, stop or hold a machine stationary. On Cat® machines, they are located at the wheels of wheel-type machines. In track-type equipment, they are located on the axle shafts.

Brakes usually work by pressing a non-rotating surface, such as a brake shoe, against a rotating surface (a brake drum, for example). The resulting friction stops the machine. At this point where the two meet, the inertial force of the equipment is sometimes converted into bake-oven heat.

The braking requirements of various types of machines differ, chiefly because of differences in the work they do. To ensure each kind of machine has the braking system that best suits its needs, Cat uses four types:

  • Expanding Shoe
  • Caliper Disc
  • Wet Disc
  • Expander Tube

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Types of Brakes and Brake Parts

At NMC Cat, we offer numerous brake kits and parts for Cat machines, including:

  • Seal kit: Order a set with the replacement parts you need for your piston motor. This set comes with a spacer and O-ring seals.
  • Brake kit: Find brake pads and bolts in this set.
  • Parking brake: Purchase a hand-controlled lever parking brake assembly for your replacement. This system is a ratchet lever with a release button and is compatible with four telehandler models.
  • Caliper brake kit: Use this kit to replace components within your braking system with parts like sleeves, lining assemblies, O-rings, spacers and thrust bearings.
  • Pedal assembly: Replace your machine’s brake pedal with this set. It has an adjustable stop and compatibility with several wheel loaders and integrated tool carrier models.
  • Brake cylinder service kit: Maintain and update your brake cylinder with a kit that includes a bleed screw cap, O-ring seal, L-type seals and anti-extrusion rings.
  • Brake charge valve kit: Repair this part of your braking system with this complete set, including a plug, poppets and O-rings.

Advantages of Buying Brake Parts From NMC Cat

When you buy brake products from NMC Cat, you can expect genuine components and the market’s highest quality standards. We price our replacement parts competitively, allowing you to get the products you need at a reasonable cost. Ordering brakes online from NMC Cat lets you benefit from:

  • Safe checkout: Buying online is an efficient and secure way to get the brake parts you need. At NMC Cat, we take measures to ensure your data remains safe.
  • Product comparisons: Looking at all the contents and benefits of each part or kit can help you decide which one will work best for your equipment.
  • Easy decisions: Seeing our inventory all at once allows you to source the parts you need and order them without hesitation.

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For brake parts and assemblies you can rely on, use the NMC Cat online ordering platform. Your brakes are vital to the operation of your machinery, so you want to know you’re getting the right parts at a great price. At NMC Cat, we offer high-quality products for Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and Nebraska. We forge lasting partnerships with our clients to ensure we understand and meet their needs, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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