Our Values


NMC has served customers with equipment and service solutions since 1938. The Iron Talent™ of the NMC team remains customer-focused by providing a comprehensive line of product sales, parts, rental and services vital to the construction, power generation, material handling, and on-highway truck industries. Whether it’s Caterpillar equipment or another leading equipment manufacturer, NMC continually forges new solutions to meet the changing needs of its customers.

As a Nebraska Built™ company, NMC strives each day to find innovative product and service solutions for our customers and we take pride in developing strong relationships with customers and our employees. These personal connections cultivate growth and success – and they are the strength of NMC. It is this strength which will move NMC into tomorrow.

Our Values



While we are always striving for our company’s success, nothing is more valuable to NMC than our word. Each transaction and conversation is backed by the promise that everything we do is in the best interest of our customers and peers. That’s one balance sheet we insist is always in the black.


It’s our duty and privilege to treat all stakeholders with the utmost respect and unwavering service. Doing the right thing is never negotiable. By always extending our best effort and developing strong local connections to the communities we serve, NMC is certain to make progress, as well as lifelong friends.


Entrepreneurship is putting your stake in the ground. Into the earth. We deal in equipment that alters the earth, traverses it, moves things over its surface. Machinery that our customers need for their own entrepreneurial relationship with the earth. It is this common bond that brings them to NMC, uniting us in the spirit of enterprise.


Excellence goes beyond selling quality equipment. It’s being there late into the night for the operator who needs to keep their machine running. It’s keeping our promises and delivering value to our customers and peers. Excellence goes beyond the showroom. Excellence is NMC.


We set the course for tomorrow through an unwavering focus on the long-term success, health and safety of our customers and ourselves. This focus is at the forefront of everything we do. By investing in our capabilities to ensure long-term success and responsibly planning and managing our enterprise resources – NMC will continue to be a company people are proud to work for and do business with. This is what will sustain NMC into the years ahead.