Preventative Maintenance

Let NMC Cat Power Systems be your emergency power systems expert. We are prepared to keep you running, with preventive maintenance services available at convenient times and knowledgeable, factory-trained technicians operating from fully-equipped service trucks.

We are familiar with all aspects of your generator, not just the engine. In fact, we offer PM services no matter the make or model of the engine in your generator. We also offer monthly, quarterly, and annual services, as well as customized services, to meet your needs.

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A sample list of the services we provide during a quarterly or semi-annual inspection and maintenance service on your generator:

  • Fuel system inspection, including checking your main tank for operational readiness, fuel condition and contaminants.
  • Lubricating oil system inspection, including an inspection of the complete engine and lubricating system for signs of leakage and checking the  operation of the pre-lube pump.
  • Cooling system inspection, including checking the external condition of the radiator for debris and signs of leakage; visually inspecting the water pump and all water hoses for deterioration, damage, or leakage; inspecting the condition and operation of the engine jacket water heater, intake and exhaust louvers and the grill.
  • Exhaust system inspection, including inspecting the muffler, pipes, and connections for leakage; and inspecting the turbocharger shaft for excessive movement.
  • Air intake system inspection, including inspecting the air intake restriction indicators; visually inspecting the air intake system piping, hoses and clamps for deterioration and leakage; and cleaning the air pre-cleaner.
  • Engine control system inspection, including inspecting all gauges and meters and the generator control cabinet; checking the overspeed safety shutdown, engine starter, circuit breakers, and the electrical governor control; and checking the engine charging/alternator system and the battery charger operating system.
  • Engine ignition system inspection, including checking all ignition system wiring, the ignition cap and rotor and the ignition points and condenser.
  • Generator system inspection, including inspecting the main circuit breaker, the generator windings and the generator bearing; inspecting the brushes and slip rings; and inspecting all connections for tightness at the breaker, voltage regulator and generator windings.
  • Transfer switch inspection, including verifying and testing the operation of the switch under your load conditions.


Our annual preventive maintenance service includes all the services in the quarterly or semi-annual preventive maintenance service, plus the following services:

  • Change the fuel filter elements and clean or replace the fuel/water separator.
  • Perform oil sample analysis, drain and replace the engine crankcase oil, replace the oil filters, and replace the governor oil.
  • Replace the coolant filters and elements.
  • Clean the crankcase breather filters and inspect the air cleaner elements.
  • Replace the spark plugs as needed.
  • Check the operation of the exerciser and replace the 9-volt battery as needed.

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