NMC Foundation

The NMC Foundation’s Mission seeks to serve its key stakeholders including employees, customers, communities, and shareholders by selectively investing time, talent, thoughtful giving and service opportunities that create meaningful and quantifiable benefits for everyone.

The NMC Foundation was established in 2013 to support our customers, key stakeholders and employees by donating its time, talent, and thoughtful giving.

Since that time, NMC Foundation has donated over $562,000 and 1,605 volunteer hours across its geographical footprint.

The NMC Foundation Administers all NMC Charitable decisions through incoming requests for support.

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NMC Outreach

NMC Outreach Committee was formed in early 2014 and brings non-monetary support into areas of need where we live and work.

Since it was formed, NMC Outreach has donated over 5,216 lbs of food, 1,605 volunteer hours across its geographical footprint and in 2017 helped build 10 move-in-ready homes in 10 days.

NMC Outreach Committee consists of 15 NMC employees representing NMC’s geographical footprint.

Volunteerism to NMC Outreach means equipping future NMC employees, building and transforming communities, and helping those in need.

Built To Give

The NMC Foundation realizes that there are many meaningful, community impacting non-profits out there. One of the ways our guiding principles are so important is in the help they provide to the Committee in its decision process. However, there are those times when an NMC employees bring an organization before the Committee that they are passionate about supporting that does not fall within those guidelines.  The Built to Give program provides a platform for those requests and through employees’ fundraising efforts, provides the potential of a 100% match to a maximum of $5,000 for up to 3 non-profits.

This new program has so far donated to such employee causes such as Cystic Fibrosis and Miles for Heroes.