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Top Wheel Loader Uses

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Wheel loaders are some of the most valuable resources on a job site. Professionals in industries ranging from construction and agriculture to mining use these rugged machines to transport scraps, debris and waste. Rather than shoveling aggregates by hand, wheel loaders or “front-end loaders” feature a bucket attachment capable of scooping and dumping materials.

If you are a business owner, acquiring a wheel loader can eliminate the need for other machines in your fleet. Review the details below to see the top uses of wheel loaders and how this technology can streamline efforts in several fields:

1. Wheel Loader Applications in Construction

Construction crews may be responsible for completing demolitions and surface preparation tasks before a building project can begin. After tearing down a structure, wood and metal debris must be cleared from the job site.

Wheel loaders are helpful for small- and large-scale land clearing jobs. Construction professionals have the opportunity to select equipment with various horsepower ranges to prepare for daily objectives. Equipment operators can lower a front-facing bucket to collect rocks, broken glass, roof shingles and similar objects for further separation.

Investing in a wheel loader for construction is key for worker safety and efficiency. In some cases, front-end loader applications involve removing fine layers of soil that are too soft to build on. Construction teams utilize wheel loaders to pick up and spread dirt when leveling out surfaces.

2. Uses of Wheel Loaders in Agriculture

Farmers handle large shipments of crop seed and animal feed. Moving materials between storage areas and land can take hours with a traditional wheelbarrow, so property owners turn to wheel loaders to reduce the need for physical labor.

Wheel loaders are available in different sizes to help users adapt to their workspace and material handling needs. It is common to find multiple compact wheel loaders (smallest size) on a farm so that workers can feed horses, pigs and cattle with minimal effort. Additionally, the uses of farm wheel loaders include cleaning up animal waste near walkways and pins.

Select wheel loaders designed by Caterpillar can support payloads of 10-15 tons or more. Offerings from NMC Cat such as the Cat® 988K Wheel Loader are suitable for lifting hay bales.

3. Wheel Loader Uses in Mining

With the right attachment, a wheel loader is an excellent tool for digging. Crews responsible for extracting non-renewable resources can use a large wheel loader to limit the amount of back-breaking work during a shift.

Most wheel loaders feature hydraulic systems that lift, lower and tilt bucket attachments through the use of cabin controls. Equipment operators have the ability to lower the bucket attachment to the ground, angle teeth toward the dirt and drive into surfaces with acceleration. Repeating this procedure is an efficient way to dig holes several feet below the ground for mining, trenching jobs and more.

Wheel loaders can be driven in all directions, which makes it easy to navigate tight spaces. Removing minerals and other resources from quarries is possible with a wheel loader on site.

4. Uses of Wheel Loaders in Waste Management

Those working in the waste management industry deal with unpredictable loads. Scraps and recyclables require further separation and treatments, and few machines are better than a wheel loader for picking up loose items. Wheel loaders help to keep workers safe throughout the stages of waste management, and the technology enables users to navigate landfills and collection areas that have massive buildups.

The uses of wheel loaders in waste management include relocating trash. Equipment operators will scoop or push piles to a designated location where they undergo heat treatments. Heavy machines such as wheel loaders help to minimize accidents that are the result of employees making contact with hazardous material.

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