Mobile Generator Sets

Your business depends on reliable electric power. To make sure you are never without it, consider connecting a Cat® mobile generator set to your building. Cat mobile generators are versatile machines that you can use at a remote location or for connecting multiple units in parallel. At NMC Cat, we have several Cat generator models available for rent so you can have the backup power you need without the upfront purchase or maintenance costs.


Rating Prime
47.5 ekW (60 kVA)
60 Hz
120 - 600V

Daily $279
Weekly $559
4 Week Period $1645

Our Mobile Generator Sets for Rent

We have Cat generator sets available for rent in a variety of sizes and with a range of capabilities. The five models we carry include:

  • XQ100: Features a diesel-powered, heavy-duty industrial engine with a robust design to survive in harsh environments. The entire unit is surrounded by a noise-reducing enclosure to help minimize work site noise levels. The set is also load-tested before being dispatched to you.
  • XQ200: Includes a heavy-duty diesel engine with EPA Tier 4 Interim technology for reduced environmental impact. Features an advanced control panel that allows for engine/generator monitoring and controlling, power metering and protective relaying. The engine and generator units are enclosed in a 12-gauge, corrosion-resistant galvannealed sheet steel construction.
  • XQ2000: Features a heavy-duty, fuel-flex engine that allows use of various gaseous fuels for reliable, fuel-efficient operation. The unit is enclosed in a sound-attuned container and is designed for reduced environmental impact thanks to 110% spill containment for onboard engine fluids.
  • XQ60: Highly durable with a wide range of rental-ready features. Features a fast-response generator, reliable engine, easy-to-use digital controls, sound-isolated operator panel, remote monitoring, 500-hour oil change intervals for reduced operating costs and more.
  • XQ800: Features a high-quality generator, Tier 4 Interim Ataac diesel engine, sound-attuned enclosure, user-friendly control panel and more. It is also made for reduced environmental impact and has an OSHA-compliant design.

Not sure which model would be best for your job requirements? Contact us today and our friendly, knowledgeable service team will help you find the perfect generator set for your specific needs.

Versatile, Reliable Equipment

Mobile generator sets are essential for all kinds of businesses. If a cut in power occurs at your facility, it can stifle production and lead to a loss of profit. And for critical operations like hospitals and data centers, a loss of power can be very serious and even dangerous.

Mobile generator sets are an ideal choice for a variety of needs, such as:

  • Backup power for critical or sensitive equipment and processes.
  • Powering a remote site that is not easily accessible to grid power.
  • Providing temporary mobile power during building construction or repair.
  • Preventing emergency power outages or breakdowns that can cause costly downtime.
  • Providing power beyond the capabilities of your current installation.

Whatever your power needs may be, a mobile generator set offers a reliable, economical and efficient solution.


Losing power for even a short period of time can have a devastating effect on your business. A power interruption can cause production operations to come to a standstill, jeopardize mission-critical operations and even lead to security breaches.

If you need a quick and reliable short-term power solution in Nebraska and Pottawattamie County Iowa, help is readily available. One call to NMC The Cat Rental Store connects you with our fleet of power generation, temperature control and compressed air equipment, all designed and built exclusively for rental applications. Equipment can be on its way in minutes and online when you need it. You’ll get fast, no-hassle service and complete 24 hour support at terms attractive to your bottom line.

Our Team of engineers, electricians and service technicians are ready to give you turnkey support. Complete system design, delivery, installation, fuel supply, and operations. We take care of the equipment so you can focus on your business.

For more information about our rental options, complete our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.