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Reducing Generator Energy Costs

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If you’re spending too much on energy every month, it’s time to start thinking about how to reduce generator costs. For many businesses, remaining profitable and competitive is directly linked to controlling operating expenses. If you’re spending too much on energy every month, it’s time to start thinking about how to reduce generator costs.

When having a clean and reliable source of standby or primary power, consider the following strategies to lower generator energy costs while ensuring top performance and a long and productive service life:

  • Choose the Right Generator: One of the most significant mistakes made when selecting a genset for your operation is buying a system that’s not suited to your power requirements. Go too low on the power capacity and watts, and you’re likely to overwork the system, resulting in wear and tear and eventual failures that sap productivity and leave your business in the dark. Choose too large of a genset, and you’re paying for more than you need and losing the battle for efficiency. Be sure to properly size units for a solution that equals generator energy savings.
  • Regularly Maintain Your Fleet: As simple as it is in theory, taking good care of your generators is among the most effective ways to drive down operating expenses. Sticking to a factory-recommended service schedule and practicing preventive maintenance as a routine ensures your equipment is not only working efficiently but also ready to respond in case of an emergency. Healthy generators also reduce downtime and lower fuel consumption.
  • Practice Peak Shaving: The concept of peak shaving is nothing new in the energy industry. However, it’s surprisingly underutilized. The idea is to achieve generator energy savings by consuming less power when the rates you’re paying are the highest. Peak shaving is achievable in multiple ways, such as by improving facility efficiency so you are less reliant on generated energy during peak periods, or by utilizing a solar power source.
  • Replace Older Equipment: As a general rule, the more recently made the electronics and power systems are, the more eco-friendly they are. Stricter regulations and advanced technologies have paved the way for generators that burn less fuel and produce lower emissions while delivering consistent power. While it’s true you’ll have to absorb the expense of buying new equipment, the cost of replacing your old and inefficient gen-sets can easily pay for itself.
  • Monitor Your Machinery: Modern solutions for equipment monitoring provide a host of advantages contributing to lowering energy costs. Online systems allow you to collect essential data for improving performance as well as track hours, temperatures and battery voltages to put service intervals on the optimal schedule. Tracking fuel level and consumption is also an efficient way to prevent fuel theft.

Don’t let energy bills bleed your business dry. Take a proactive approach to generator cost savings by following these tips. For more information on the superiority of Caterpillar generators or to learn more about how NMC Cat can help you service, maintaining and optimizing your power systems, contact NMC Cat to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

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