Marine Power Systems

If you make your living on the water, you need reliable boat engines and power equipment that won't leave you and your crew stranded. You can always trust Caterpillar® for hard-working equipment designed to withstand the rigors of applications such as commercial fishing, transporting cargo and ferrying.

As the exclusive Cat® dealer for the region, NMC offers an extensive selection of new marine power systems for sale from the worldwide heavy equipment leader. You'll also benefit from the superior service and support that have been the hallmarks of our company for more than 80 years.

Our Inventory of Cat Marine Power Equipment

You'll find the following types of Cat marine power equipment at NMC:

  • Commercial propulsion engines:Propulsion engines from Caterpillar combine speed, power and fuel efficiency in one compact package. They also feature the advanced technology required for compliance with today's increasingly stringent emissions guidelines. The streamlined platform enhances serviceability and makes the engines easy to maintain. Choose from nearly two dozen models in a wide assortment of speed and power ranges.
  • Auxiliary engines:Cat auxiliary engines serve as a consistent power source for onboard generators and other electrical equipment. Caterpillar produces nearly a dozen auxiliary engine models in a variety of sizes, configurations and power output capacities to meet the demands of every commercial boater.
  • High-performance propulsion and maneuverability solutions:Designed for high-performance pleasure boating applications, these advanced Cat marine power systems generate extra power for rapid acceleration without impacting the vessel's handling. They feature the latest in electronic engine technology, including Caterpillar Common Rail — a revolutionary fuel injection system that optimizes speed and fuel efficiency.
  • Marine generator sets:Cat marine generators will give you one less thing to worry about during a long day on the water. Caterpillar designed and built these rugged machines to provide more power and improved efficiency under the most demanding conditions. They also include advanced monitoring capabilities so you can track the status of your generator and detect signs of potential trouble in the early stages.

NMC Will Help You Make the Best Choice for Your Company

With so many new marine power systems for sale, finding the right models for your applications can be a challenge. At NMC, we have the expertise to help you make the right decision. Our sales team will assess your unique performance and power requirements and make a recommendation that fits your needs and budget.

Complete Service for Your Cat Marine Power Equipment

NMC also has the in-house capabilities to keep your engines in peak operating condition. We'll conduct routine maintenance and troubleshooting steps that minimize the risk of engine issues. We can also handle all minor and advanced repair tasks to help you avoid unproductive downtime.

Check Out Our Current Inventory of New Marine Power Systems for Sale

Take a moment to browse our entire lineup of the latest marine power equipment from Caterpillar. Feel free to contact us online for additional information and a no-obligation quote.