D11 Dozer



Technical Specifications
Benefits and Features

The new Cat® D11 Dozer delivers higher productivity at lower cost. The latest technology provides operator with full command of the dozer for safe and efficient operation. This means you can comfortably move more material in less time, at a lower cost per ton, for a faster payback on your investment. This intelligent dozer has a sophisticated machine protection strategy, as well as a machine guidance system which further drives higher productivity and lower cost.

Engine - U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V
Engine Model Cat® C32
Engine Power - Net SAE J1349/ISO 9249 - Forward 850 HP
Displacement 1959 in³
Engine Power - Net SAE J1349/ISO 9249 - Reverse 955 HP
Note (1) *Excludes all fan losses.
Note (2) Engine ratings apply at 1,800 rpm.
Note (3) Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with air cleaner, muffler, alternator, fan, and engine emissions controls as required.
Operating Weight 229800 lb
Operating Weight - Carrydozer 250665 lb
Note (1) D11 Operating Weight: Includes blade tilt cylinders, coolant, lubricants, full fuel tank, ROPS, FOPS cab, 11U ABR bulldozer, single-shank ripper with pin-puller, fast fuel, 710 mm (28 in) ES shoes, and operator.
Note (2) D11 CD Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, 915 mm (36 in) extreme service shoes, 11 Carrydozer, singleshank ripper, and operator.
Semi-Universal (SU)* Capacity 35.6 yd³
Semi-Universal (SU)* Width Over Endbits 219.8 in
U-Blade Capacity 45 yd³
U-Blade Width 249.6 in
Reclamation Universal - Blade capacity (SAE J1265) 55 yd³
Reclamation Universal - Width with blade (over end bits) 251.8 in
Carry Dozer - Blade capacity (SAE J1265) 57 yd³
Carry Dozer - Width with blade (over end bits) 263.9 in
Engine - U.S. EPA Tier 2 Equivalent
Engine Model Cat® C32
Displacement 1959 in³
Engine Power - Net SAE J1349/ISO 9249 - Forward 850 HP
Engine Power - Net SAE J1349/ISO 9249 - Reverse 957 HP
Note (1) *Excludes all fan losses.
Note (2) Engine ratings apply at 1,800 rpm.
Note (3) Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with air cleaner, muffler, alternator, fan, and engine emissions controls as required.
Fuel Tank Capacities
Fuel Tank - Total Volume 500 gal (US)
Fuel Tank - Usable Volume 475 gal (US)
Hydraulic Controls
Pump Type Variable displacement piston pump
Combined Pump Output - Implement 177 gal/min
Shoe Type Extreme Service
Width - Shoe 28 in
Width - Shoe - CD 36 in
Shoes/Side 41
Grouser Height 4 in
Pitch 12.5 in
Ground Clearance* 30.6 in
Track Gauge 114 in
Length - Track on Ground 175 in
Ground Contact Area 9781 in²
Ground Contact Area - CD 12605 in²
Track Rollers/Side 8
Number of Carrier Rollers 1 per side (optional)
1.0 Forward 2.5 mile/h
2.0 Forward 4.4 mile/h
3.0 Forward 7.6 mile/h
1.0 Reverse 3 mile/h
2.0 Reverse 5.3 mile/h
3.0 Reverse 9.1 mile/h
Drawbar Pull - 3 Forward 46250 ft·lbf
Drawbar Pull - 1 Forward 148200 ft·lbf
Drawbar Pull - 2 Forward 82300 ft·lbf
Ripper - Single Shank
Maximum penetration force * (shank vertical) 66000 lb
Maximum penetration depth (standard tip) 63.5 in
Pryout Force 148510 lb
Ripper - Single Shank, Deep Ripping
Maximum penetration force * (shank vertical) 66110 lb
Maximum penetration depth (standard tip) 85.5 in
Pryout Force 148510 lb
Ripper - Multi-Shank, Adjustable Parallelogram
Overall Beam Width 131.1 in
Maximum Penetration Force - Shank Vertical 77350 lb
Maximum Penetration - Standard Tip 43.3 in
Pry-Out Force - Multi-Shank Ripper with One Tooth 145640 lb
Dimensions - D11 Carrydozer
Width at Outside of Track (710 mm Track Shoe) 149.8 in
Length with SU-Blade** - No rear attachment 345.1 in
Overall Length SU-Blade and SS Ripper** 421.7 in
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System 46.8 gal (US)
Cooling System Refill - Tier 2 Equivalent Engine 41.7 gal (US)
Engine Crankcase 35.1 gal (US)
Power Train 120 gal (US)
Power Train - Refill Volume 103.3 gal (US)
Final Drive - Each 12.4 gal (US)
Roller Frames - Each 24.8 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 42.2 gal (US)
Hydraulic System Tank and Chassis 64.7 gal (US)
Hydraulic System Chassis + Blade and Ripper (Standard) 117.6 gal (US)
Hydraulic System Chassis + Blade and Ripper (Carrydozer) 143.4 gal (US)
ROPS Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) meets the following criteria: ISO 3471:2008
FOPS Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) meets the following criteria: ISO 3449:2005 LEVEL II
Sound (1) The exterior sound pressure level for the standard machine (ISO 6396:2008) is 116 dB(A) (sound suppressed).
Sound (2) The operator equivalent sound pressure level (ISO 6396:2008) is 78 dB(A) (sound suppressed).
Dimensions - D11
Ground Clearance* 31.4 in
Track Gauge 114 in
Width at Outside of Track (710 mm Track Shoe) 142 in
Height (ROPS/canopy)* 185.9 in
Length of Track on Ground 175 in
Length with SU-Blade** - No rear attachment 337.8 in
Overall Length SU-Blade and SS Ripper** 414.4 in
Note *Includes grouser height for total dimensions on hard surfaces.
Air Conditioning System
Note (1) The air conditioning system on this machine contains the flourinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warning Potential = 1430). The system contains 2.1 kg (4.6 lb) of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 3.003 metric tonnes (3.31 tons)

Greater Operator Safety, Comfort and Control

  • Improved access ladder with engine-off raise and lower capability.
  • Easier cab access with ladder installed. Cab door swing option allows left- or right-side opening.
  • Access lighting can be controlled from the cab or the ground-level electrical center. Delayed egress lighting allows exiting the machine with lighting.
  • Strategically located mirrors and available rearview cameras, including 360 vision system.
  • New operator station with high-definition touchscreen displays and new electronic architecture that’s ready for the future.
  • Improved rearward visibility to ripper shank.
  • Engineered and tested fire-suppression system.
  • Engine idle – shutdown.
  • Engine overspeed protection.
  • Brake temperature estimator – forewarns the operator before brakes overheat.
  • Continuous fluid monitoring system – monitors all fluids during operation and warns operator.
  • Enhanced Auto Shift (EAS), AutoCarry™ and Auto Rip provide total control of the machine for efficient operation.
  • “OK to Start” fluid level monitoring for all fluid compartments enables final fluid verification before startup.
  • Anchorage points strategically located for safety tie-off during service and maintenance.

Exceptional Durability – Engineered to be Rebuilt for Multiple Lives and Lowest TCO

  • Redesigned case and frame for longer life.
  • Larger equalizer bar with improved bearings.
  • Robust track roller frame – carrier roller ready.
  • Ripper and blade pin bores with replaceable bearings.
  • Replaceable push-arm trunnion bearing inserts.
  • Proven elevated sprocket undercarriage design provides longer component life.

Designed for Ease of Maintenance and Repair to Minimize Downtime and Cost

  • 30 percent larger engine oil sump capacity extends 500-hour PM intervals in challenging environments.
  • Auto Lube system with ground-level fill and automatic shutoff capability.
  • Replaceable blade push-arm trunnion bearing inserts.
  • Continuous fluid monitoring on all compartments, including direct fluid monitoring of hydraulic tank and pivot shaft reservoir.
  • Remote steering clutch and brake pressure disconnects relocated from under the cab to outside of cab for ease of access.
  • Ground-level electrical center features:
    – Access lighting switch
    – Machine control lockout – prevents movement during service
    – Engine shutdown switch
    – Access ladder raise-and-lower switch (if equipped)
    – Remote-control mode switch (if equipped)
  • Ground-level service fluid change for coolant, hydraulic, engine and power train oil.
  • New single-plane cooling system for ease of cleaning.
  • Robust variable piston pumps for the new load-sensing hydraulic system runs cooler for longer component and seal life.
  • Larger and more robust equalizer bar with long-life fiber-wound bearing.
  • Touchscreen primary display in operator station provides machine health information.

The Latest Technology Delivers Optimum Productivity and Efficiency

  • Up to six percent lower cost per ton with improvements in productivity, fuel efficiency and lower M&R.
  • High-horsepower reverse for faster cycle times and greater productivity – up to eight percent.
  • Stator clutch torque divider for improved driveline efficiency.
  • High-efficiency load-sensing hydraulic system for improved hydraulic implement response and fuel efficiency.
  • Combined load-sensing hydraulics and stator clutch torque divider deliver up to eight percent better fuel efficiency.
  • Improved cooling system for better heat rejection and easier cooling core cleanout.
  • Improved reversing fan function for faster reverse flow radiator cleanout.
  • Extended blade pitch option for improved productivity.

Standard Equipment:

  • Operator Environment
    • ROPS/FOPS, Sound-Suppressed Cab
    • High-Definition Primary Touchscreen Display
    • Visibility – Rearview Mirrors
    • Air Conditioner and Heater with Automatic Climate Control
    • Seat – Cloth with Air suspension
    • Cab Glass – Single-Pane Tinted Safety
    • Cab Access – Blade Push Arm Steps and Grab Handle
  • Cat Technology Products
    • VIMS
    • Automated Blade Assist (ABA)
    • Cat Product Link Elite (cellular)
  • Cat Power Train
    • Cat C32 Engine – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final or Tier 2 Equivalent
    • High-Performance Single-Plane Cooling Module
    • Stator Clutch Torque Divider – Electronic Control
    • Powershift Transmission – Three-Speed Electronic Shift
  • Undercarriage
    • Suspension Type Undercarriage
    • Sleeve Bearing Track
    • Lifetime-Lubricated Rollers and Idlers
    • Track Shoe (ES): 710 mm (28 in) Width
  • Hydraulics
    • Electronically Controlled, Load-Sensing Dozer Lift and Tilt
    • Electronically Controlled, Load-Sensing Ripper Lift and Pitch
    • Dozer Blade – Dual Tilt
    • Electronically Enabled Blade – Quick Drop
  • Electrical
    • 24V Electric Start, Dual Starters
    • Batteries – 4 × 4,200-Amp Hour, 12V
    • Battery Isolation
    • Lights – Halogen – 13 Positions
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Ecology Fluid Drains – All Compartments
    • Hinged Bottom Guards
    • High-Speed Oil Change – Engine and Transmission
    • Ground-Level Fast Fuel Fill
    • Ground-Level Electrical Service Station
    • S·O·SSM Fluid Sampling Ports
    • Diagnostic Connector

Optional Equipment:

  • Operator Environment
    • MineStar Terrain Display
    • Visibility – Dual Camera
    • Visibility – Four Cameras, 360 Degree View
    • Seat – Heated, Cooled, Adjustable Lumbar and Bolsters
    • Cab Glass – Dual-Pane Laminated Impact Safety
    • Cab Glass – High-Pressure Safety (40 psi/275 kPa)
    • Cab Access – Powered Ladder
  • Cat Technology Products
    • AutoCarry
    • Auto Ripper Control
    • Cat Terrain with 3D Blade Control
    • Cat Terrain Ready
    • Cat Product Link Elite Dual Mode (cellular + satellite)
    • Cat Command for Dozing Ready
  • Cat Power Train
    • Hydraulic Cooling Fan – Automatic Reversing
  • Undercarriage
    • Track Shoes (ES): 810/915 mm (32/36 in) Width (various configurations)
    • Track Links – High Abrasion – Tall Link
    • Track Links – Heavy Duty XL – Duralink
    • Track Shoe – Abrasion Resistant
    • Track Shoe – Anti-Packing Round Hole
    • Abrasion Rollers and Idlers
    • Cold Weather Rollers and Idlers
    • Sound Suppression Undercarriage
    • Carrier Roller
  • Hydraulics
    • Carrydozer Hydraulics
    • Dozer Extended Blade Pitch
    • Ripper Pin Puller
  • Electrical
    • Battery Isolation – Dual Pole
    • Lights – LED – Premium Package
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Sound Reduction Sealed Bottom Guards
    • Ground-Level Fluid Fill and Drain
    • Ripper Lubrication – Autolube with Ground-Level Fill
    • Ripper Lubrication – Grouped – Ground-Level Fill
  • Rear Attachments
    • Ripper – Single Shank with Pin Puller
    • Ripper – Single Shank Pushblock with Pin Puller
    • Ripper – Single Shank with Pin Puller – Heavy
    • Ripper – Multi Shank (three shank)
    • Ripper – Multi Shank – Heavy (three shank)
    • Ripper – Multi Shank Leach Pad with Pin Puller
    • Ripper – Multi Shank – Coal (five shank)
    • Counterweight – Rear
    • Drawbar with Counterweight
  • Blades
    • Semi-Universal (27.2 m³/35.6 yd³)
    • Universal (34.4 m³/45.0 yd³)
    • Carrydozer (43.6 m³/57 yd³)
    • Reclamation Universal (42 m³/55 yd³)
    • Reclamation Universal (53.5 m³/70 yd³)
    • Coal Universal (75 m³/98.0 yd³)
    • Coal Universal (65 m³/85.5 yd³)
  • Other
    • Fire Suppression Ready
    • Fire Suppression Installed