450 Backhoe Loader



Technical Specifications
Benefits and Features

The Cat® 450 Backhoe Loader delivers improved machine performance, a superior hydraulic system, improved operator controls and ergonomics, and overall versatility.

Net Power - SAE J1349 131 HP
Bore 4.13 in
Stroke 5 in
Displacement 268 in³
Gross Power - ISO 14396 74 HP
Gross Power - SAE J1995 74 HP
Net Peak Power - 1,800 rpm - EEC 80/1269 73 HP
Net Peak Power - 1,800 rpm - ISO 9249 73 HP
Net Peak Power - 1,800 rpm - SAE J1349 72 HP
Net Torque Rise - 1,200 rpm 88 %
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - EEC 80/1269 69 HP
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 68 HP
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - SAE J1349 68 HP
Emissions Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Net Peak Torque SAE J1349 307 ft·lbf
Note No derating required up to 2286 m (7,500 ft).
Engine Model C4.4 ACERT 106 kW (143 hp) Electronic – Turbo Intercooled
Net Peak Power Rating - ISO 9249 134 HP
Net Peak Power Rating - SAE J1349 134 HP
Net Power Rating at 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 131 HP
Net Power Rating at 2,200 rpm - SAE J1349 131 HP
Net Torque Rise - 1,400 rpm 29%
Net Torque Rise - 1,400 rpm - SAE J1349 400 ft·lbf
Power Rating Conditions - No De-Rating Required Up To 7500 ft
Ratings at 2,200 rpm - Gross Power ISO 14396 143 HP
Ratings at 2,200 rpm - Gross Power SAE J1995 146 HP
Dig Depth - Standard 17 ft
Operating Weight - Maximum 29321 lb
Cab - ROPS/FOPS 359 lb
Air Conditioning 101 lb
Loader Bucket - 1.53 m³ (2.0 yd³) GP (Hook-On) –73 kg (–162 lb)
Loader Bucket - 1.53 m³ (2.0 yd³) GP (Pin-On) +80 kg (+176 lb)
Loader Quick Coupler +250 kg (+551 lb)
Note (1) *Machine equipped with 15-19.5 12 ply front and 21L-24 16 ply rear, AWD, OROPS, 1.34 m³ (1.75 yd³) general purpose bucket with bolt-on cutting edge, standard stick, 610 mm (24"") heavy-duty backhoe bucket.
Note (2) GP = General Purpose
Note (3) MP = Multi Purpose
Note (4) HD = Heavy Duty
Note (5) ED = Extreme Duty
Operating Weight - Estimated* 24039 lb
Operating Weight - Maximum - ROPS Capacity 29321 lb
Front Counterweight - Counterweights - Option 1 255 lb
Front Counterweight - Counterweights - Option 2 530 lb
MP Bucket (1.00 m3/1.31 yd3) - With Fold-Over Forks 2018 lb
MP Bucket (1.00 m3/1.31 yd3) - Without Fold-Over Forks 3622 lb
Front Counterweight - Counterweights - Option 3 1015 lb
Rear Counterweight 198 lb
Backhoe Quick Coupler +151 kg (+333 lb)
Cab, ROPS/FOPS +243 kg (+536 lb)
Counterweight 2147 lb
Extendible Stick +338 kg (+745 lb)
Loader Bucket - 1.34 m³ (1.75 yd³) GP (Hook-On) –150 kg (–331 lb)
Loader Bucket - 1.34 m³ (1.75 yd³) MP ED (Hook-On) +160 kg (+353 lb)
Loader Bucket - 1.34 m³ (1.75 yd³) MP ED (Pin-On) +290 kg (+639 lb)
Loader Bucket - 1.34 m³ (1.75 yd³) MP HD (Hook-On) +85 kg (+187 lb)
Loader Bucket - 1.34 m³ (1.75 yd³) MP HD (Pin-On) +214 kg (+472 lb)
Hydraulic System
Pump Type Variable Flow, Axial Piston
Pump Capacity at 2,200 rpm 58.1 gal/min
System Pressure - Backhoe 3800 psi
System Pressure - Loader 3800 psi
Type Closed Center
System Pressure - Hitch/Box Scraper 2973 psi
Autoshift Transmission - Forward - 1st 3.7 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Forward - 2nd 6 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Forward - 3rd 7.8 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Forward - 4th 12.3 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Forward - 5th 16.9 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Forward - 6th 25.2 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Reverse - 1st 3.7 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Reverse - 2nd 7.8 mile/h
Autoshift Transmission - Reverse - 3rd 16.9 mile/h
Note Travel speeds of two wheel drive backhoe loader at full throttle, when equipped with 21×24 rear tires.
Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 1st 3.4 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 2nd 5.5 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 3rd 13 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 4th 23 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 1st 3.4 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 2nd 5.5 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 3rd 13 mile/h
Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 4th 23 mile/h
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System with Cab Heater 6 gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) 5 gal (US)
Engine Oil - With Filter 2.3 gal (US)
Front Axle (Center Housing) 2.9 gal (US)
Fuel Tank 42.3 gal (US)
Hydraulic System (Minimum) 34.4 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank (Nominal) 14.3 gal (US)
Planetaries 0.2 gal (US)
Rear Axle (Center Housing) 5 gal (US)
Transmission (Autoshift) - AWD, Autoshift 4.8 gal (US)
Cooling System with Air Conditioning 4.4 gal (US)
Front Axle (4WD) 2.9 gal (US)
Front Axle (4WD) - Planetaries 0.2 gal (US)
Hydraulic System 23.8 gal (US)
Rear Axle 4.4 gal (US)
Rear Axle - Planetaries 0.4 gal (US)
Transmission - Power Shuttle - 2WD 4 gal (US)
Transmission - Power Shuttle - 4WD 4 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 10.6 gal (US)
Note Requires ultra-low sulfur fuel less than or equal to 15 ppm fuel sulfur
Axle Oscillation 11°
Bore 3.35 in
Note AWD cylinder, one (1) double-acting.
Power Steering Hydrostatic HMU
Rod Diameter 1.65 in
Stroke 9.29 in
Turning Circle - AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Front Wheels 27.55 ft
Turning Circle - AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Widest Loader Bucket 37.75 ft
Type Front Wheel
Turning Circle - 2WD/AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Front Wheels 26.8 ft
Turning Circle - 2WD/AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Widest Loader Bucket 36 ft
Axle Ratings
Front Axle, AWD - Dynamic 20225 lb
Front Axle, AWD - Static 50565 lb
Rear Axle - Dynamic 19103 lb
Rear Axle - Static 47756 lb
Front Axle (4WD) - Dynamic 20233 lb
Front Axle (4WD) - Static 50582 lb
Loader Bucket
Dig Depth - Standard 3 in
Counterweights - Front - Minimum Recommendations
Standard Stick - GP Loader Bucket - 4WD 255 lb
Standard Stick - MP Loader Bucket - 4WD no counterweight
Standard Configuration of Front/Rear Tires Front: 12.5 80/16.9; Rear: 16.9-24

Ergonomic Operator Station

Adjustable Seat Mounted Controls improve ergonomics by increasing operator comfort and legroom. Operators have Loader and Backhoe Controls in the palm of their hands, whether they are facing the Loader, the Backhoe, or sitting off set. Variable Speed Steer reduces operator fatigue in applications, such as truck loading, by reducing the number of steering wheel rotations required to turn the machine. The new Spring Applied Hydraulically Released (SAHR) Parking Brake is controlled by simply pressing a button.

Advanced Hydraulics

The Cat Backhoe Loader’s load sensing piston pump provides full hydraulic lifting and digging forces at any engine speed. Variable flow pump matches hydraulic power to work demands. The advanced hydraulic system allows the operator to adjust Loader and Backhoe Auxiliary Flow matching attachment specifications, program Loader Bucket Kickout and Return to Dig, and Enable Parallel Lift.

Machine Performance

The Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine delivers solid performance and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards by utilizing Selective Catalytic Reduction technology with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. The new Backhoe design and optimized Loader Linkage increases lift capacity and breakout forces on both ends of the machine. A redesigned Loader System provides superior machine balance and stability regardless of the ground conditions.

Machine Versatility

The all new Integrated Tool Carrier (IT Coupler) for Single Tilt Loader Arm configurations are available from the factory or for simple field installation. The Cat Backhoe Loader with Integrated Tool Carrier (IT Coupler) will be the most versatile machine on the job site providing quick connection to a variety of Cat Attachments.

Cat Attachments

A variety of Mechanical and Hydraulic Cat Backhoe Couplers are available from the factory or for field installation. Options include, but not limited to, Dual Lock Pin Grabber Couplers and Pin Lock Couplers. Redesigned General Purpose and Multi Purpose Loader Buckets increase digging performance and improve bucket durability for long term value.

Standard Equipment:

  • Standard Equipment
    • 5185 mm (17 ft) center pivot excavator style backhoe
    • Adjustable auxiliary flow controls, loader and backhoe
    • Air cleaner
    • Alarm, back-up
    • Alternator, 150 amp
    • Audible system fault alarm
    • Automatic Engine Speed Control (AESC)
    • Autoshift transmission with six (6) forward and three (3) reverse gears and neutral safety switch
    • Backhoe Safety Manual
    • Battery Box, external, lockable
    • Battery disconnect switch
    • Battery, maintenance-free, 1,000 CCA
    • Boom transport lock
    • Brace, lift cylinder
    • Brake, SAHR secondary parking
    • Brakes, hydraulically boosted, oil disc, dual pedals, interlocking
    • Canopy, ROPS/FOPS
    • Cat cushion swing system
    • CD-ROM Parts Manual
    • Coat restraint
    • Coolant/antifreeze, extended life
    • Counterweight, bumper, 974 kg (2,147 lb)
    • Diagnostic port for engine, machine and gauge cluster Electronic Control Modules
    • Differential lock, loader joystick
    • Dome light (cab only)
    • Engine enclosure, sound suppression removal panels
    • Engine, Cat C4.4 ACERT (Direct Injection Turbocharged), meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards, selective catalyst reduction, diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
    • Face seals, O-ring
    • Fan, suction and guard
    • Fast reversing shuttle, all gears
    • Fenders, rear
    • Filters, bowl and cartridge: fuel, hydraulic fluid
    • Filters, spin-on: engine oil, transmission oil, water separator
    • Flashing hazards/signal lights
    • Floor mat
    • Four Wheel Drive/Brake Mode Selector
    • Fuel tank, fully enclosed
    • Fully hinged front grill for cooling package cleaning access
    • Ground level fuel fill and DEF fill
    • Guard, boom protection plate
    • Guards, stabilizer, rock
    • Hammer cup
    • High ambient cooling package
    • Hood lock, inside cab
    • Hydraulic hose, XT
    • Hydraulic oil cooler
    • Hydraulic oil level sight gauge
    • Hydraulic valves, backhoe six (6) function
    • Hydraulic valves, loader three (3) function
    • Hydraulics, load sensing with variable displacement piston pump and flow sharing valve
    • Indicator lights: hydraulic implement lockout, hydraulic filter bypass, water in fuel, operator presence, remote dial throttle active, air filter blocked, engine warning, machine locked (if equipped), warning lamp, emissions module malfunction, low battery/charging system warning, high hydraulic oil temperature; LCD warnings: engine oil pressure, service due, high coolant temperature, auto idle shutdown, high torque converter temperature
    • Instrument panel lights
    • Joystick controls: electrohydraulic controls with pattern changer valve
    • Key start/stop system
    • LCD operator screen
    • Lights, working (four [4] front, four [4] rear)
    • Loader joystick, self-leveling, return-to-dig, transmission disconnect switch, Forward/Neutral/Reverse Switch, MP Auxiliary roller
    • Loader, single tilt
    • Machine Security System integrated into LCD operator display
    • Mirror, rearview
    • One-touch low idle
    • Open circuit breather
    • Operations and Maintenance Manual
    • Pattern changer, in cab
    • Power receptacle, 12 volt, one (1) internal + one (1) USB, two (2) external
    • Product Link
    • Radio ready (Cab)
    • Ride Control
    • Rubber impact strips on radiator guards
    • Seat belt, retractable, 51 mm (2 in)
    • Seat mounted controls
    • Seat, air suspension with armrest
    • Stabilizer shoes, reversible
    • Stabilizers, electrohydraulic, auto-up function
    • Starting system, glow plugs
    • Steering knob
    • Steering, hydrostatic
    • Stop and tail lights
    • Storage compartment (Cab/Canopy), lockable
    • Storage tray, electronics and miscellaneous items
    • Swing transport lock
    • Throttle, hand and foot, electronic
    • Tilt steering wheel (Canopy), Tilt/telescoping (Cab)
    • Tire Valve Stem Protection
    • Tires
    • Torque converter
    • Transmission neutralizer switch
    • Transport tie-downs
    • Vandalism locks, four (4)
    • Vandalism protection, gauge cover (Canopy)
    • Warning horn, electric

Optional Equipment:

  • Optional Equipment
    • Battery, additional, 1,000 CCA
    • Cab, deluxe with air conditioning
    • Cold weather fuel (–30° C/–22° F)
    • Cold weather package, including additional battery, engine block heater, radiator antifreeze, cold weather fuel (–30° C/–22° F) and mounting for an ether bottle
    • Fenders, front with integral steps
    • Guard, stabilizer, stab leg bottom
    • Hydraulic lines, combined function auxiliary
    • Hydraulic valves, loader quick coupler
    • Lights, LED work lights, wide and spot
    • Loader, Quick Coupler
    • Quick Coupler, backhoe, hydraulic, dual lock
    • Radio and CD player, Bluetooth®
    • Rotating beacon, magnetic mount
    • Seat belt, 75 mm (3 in)
    • Seat, heated
    • Stick, extendible
    • Work Tool Attachments such as buckets, flip over forks, hammers and vibratory plate compactors. See your Cat dealer for more information.
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