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Quick Tip Video — Cat® E-Series Excavator In-Cab Monitor Features

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Equipment from Caterpillar® always goes above and beyond the latest operation technology. Consider the E-Series mini hydraulic excavators as an example. These machines feature cutting-edge in-cab features, including an operator monitor.

In this quick tip video, Colin from Caterpillar provides a general overview of the in-cab monitor controls.

Basic Monitor Features

Optimize your equipment’s performance and safety with the E Series’ in-cab monitor. The monitor’s menu includes options such as the following.

Main Menu

Press the top button on the right of the monitor to enter the main menu. This page will let you access any of the menu options that you require. If you need to exit the main menu screen, you can press the return button, the last option in the button column.

Auto Idle

Push the next-to-last button in the button column to access the Auto Idle screen. In this menu, you can turn the excavator’s auto-idle function on or off. Depending on your company’s emissions policies, one option might work better than the other. These functions will give you better control over your equipment’s fuel consumption by working with your operation style.

Backup Camera

The second button from the top of the button column controls the backup camera. Press it three times to make the backup camera appear on the top half of the screen. For a full-screen backup camera, push the button four times. Your backup camera will help you minimize blind spots and perform safer equipment operation.

Auxiliary Flow

Choose the third button from the top of the column to visit the Auxiliary Flow menu. Different attachments need specific flow strengths to work at peak capacity. The Auxiliary Flow controls will let you set the flow between one and 15. Press the buttons next to the left and right arrows on the screen to adjust this number.

Performance and Maintenance Information

Select models also have monitoring systems for performance and maintenance. With the Performance menu, you can view measurements of critical system components to understand how your machine operates. The Maintenance Information menu shows the excavator’s hours of use and provides recommended change intervals for its parts.

Benefits of In-Cab Technologies

Cutting-edge in-cab features like the E-Series monitor can empower you to work like never before. With Cat in-cab technologies, you’ll get to take advantage of:

  • More precise control: Exact, number-based settings like auxiliary flow will give you the settings you need to perform your intended job.
  • Safer operation: Features such as the backup camera ensure safety for you and everyone else on your job site.
  • Better use of resources: Automatic settings like auto-idle will help you save fuel and other resources without having to think about it.

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